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Philip Carlier is a legendary bounty target featured in Red Dead Online.



Philip Carlier was the mild-mannered chief clerk of the Castille Cotton Company, based in Saint Denis. When, in 1896, a fellow employee caught him embezzling on the job, Carlier reacted furiously and bludgeoned him to death. On the run from the law, he went into hiding in the swamps of Lagras. Eventually, he lost his mind due to isolation, poor living conditions, and dissociative drugs consumption. He sympathized with the Night Folk.

Events of Red Dead Online

During the bounty mission, the player tracks him down to a location near Lagras, where he may be killed or captured for a reward.


  • According to his wanted poster, Carlier was an employee of the Lemoyne Trading Company. However, when approached at the beginning of the bounty mission, he will present himself as the former chief clerk of the Castille Cotton Company.
  • During the bounty mission, alligators will aggressively chase the player down should they create too much noise. At higher difficulties, Alligators may not show up on the map which can lead the player into accidentally approaching one that may be resting on land.