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My husband was a true believer in this country and in the West. He was killed for greed.
Jessica LeClerk

Philip LeClerk is an unseen, but key character mentioned in Red Dead Online.



Philip LeClerk was a wealthy businessman, the partner of Amos Lancing and Jeremiah Shaw, and among the town of Blackwater's social elite. At some point before 1898, he fell in love with and married a woman named Jessica, who became good friends with Amos' wife Grace.

Events of Red Dead Online

At some point in 1898, the Lancings and Shaw conspired to take over Philip's business and had Grace's outlaw brother, Teddy Brown, murder him in Blackwater. Brown got away with the murder after framing a random bystander, who was arrested and imprisoned.

Following Philip's death, his loyal assistant Horley became Jessica's bodyguard, and the two eventually learned the truth behind Philip's murder. They broke the protagonist out of prison so that they could help avenge Philip's death in exchange for proving their innocence. Eventually, Jessica, Horley, and the protagonist killed Teddy Brown and Amos Lancing and dealt with Jeremiah Shaw, leaving only Grace Lancing, whom Jessica promised to find someday so that Philip's death could be fully avenged.

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