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I knew you didn't have the stones for a real game.

Pinky Wilson taunting when the player busts out

Pinky Wilson is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Pinky is a member of the Bollard Twins Gang.


Pinky can be encountered in the town of Thieves' Landing, either walking around or at the Poker table in the Saloon. He also appears in the Pike's Basin gang hideout.


I got you spooked, ain’t I?
Pinky Wilson during a fight

Let's see if you can hit me proper!
Pinky Wilson during a fist fight

You just cut off a dog's tail you can't sew back on, didn't you?
Pinky Wilson when threatened.

Get these hip-shackles off of me, you're making me nervous!
Pinky Wilson when hogtied.
I don't feel right...
Pinky Wilson when injured

I’ll save your dumb head again.
Pinky Wilson when another Bollard Twins Gang member is critically injured

Ain't wise starting something you ain't reckon to finish.
Pinky Wilson when bumped

Best be about to apologize, peckerwood.
Pinky Wilson when insulted by high Fame John Marston
Oh, shit!
Pinky Wilson when shocked.

Uh huh…
Pinky Wilson responding to a conversation
I been playing since I was a kid.
Pinky Wilson when dealing Poker
This is gonna be my round. I can feel it.
Pinky Wilson when dealing Poker

You cheatin’ devil! I see you at my table again, I’mma kill you dead!
Pinky Wilson when catching the player cheating at Poker.