Pistol Ammo is the ammunition used in all of the pistols in Red Dead Redemption.


Pistol ammo is seldom found in the game, because it is rarely obtained from chests or by looting bodies. Typically, the best way to obtain pistol ammo is to purchase it from a gunsmith or general store.

Compatible Weapons

The following weapons use Pistol Ammo:


  • One possible source of Pistol Ammo is the woman who calls for help in the Beauty and the Wagon random encounter. If she is killed during the encounter, looting her body often turns up Pistol Ammo.
  • Another great source is to go on a killing spree with the local officers in Blackwater because all of them use pistols.
  • Despite being Pistol Ammo, the box has the image of a Revolver on it.
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