Plant Gathering is an activity the player can partake in Red Dead Redemption 2.


Various types of plants and herbs are found growing within the explorable regions of the game. They range from edible berries, mushrooms, tubers, orchids or flowers. While roaming, the player has the ability to study or collect plants, which can be used for crafting cooking recipes, donate it to camp or sell it for profit.

Plants and herbs can be crafted into seasonings for cooking, poison weapons, medicine, tonics and elixirs. These is achieved through crafting in a camp.

Eagle Eye can be used to locate nearby plants and herbs which glows with a yellow tinge. The player can collect any one type of a plant or herb in their satchel but they have to upgrade it to increase its carrying capacity.

Any Doctor will buy harvested plants for $0.25 each, except for orchids.

See also: Herbalist Challenges.

Types of Plants and Herbs

There are 43 collectable plants and herbs that the player can encounter when roaming, these are the following:

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