Family local bogeymen, I guess... but they’re crooked in every way.
Javier Escuella describing the family.

The Porter family are a faction featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



The Porter family are a deeply inbred group of highway robbers and kidnappers. They reside at Chez Porter and are extremely reclusive, to the point where they have developed their own dialect, resembling English somewhat but with many made-up words. The family are also rumored to have treasure stashed somewhere on the property, and are very hostile to outsiders.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

After having heard about the family's treasure, Javier tells Arthur about his plan to rob them, and persuades Arthur to accompany him. Arthur is reluctant at first but eventually agrees when Javier asserts that there’s not much chance of them getting caught, due to the family's remote location.

The duo eventually arrive at the property, using the cover of the forest to evade being spotted. Arthur and Javier hide behind a shed, where they hear Pappy reprimanding Newt. Javier then tells Arthur that he has an idea to distract them, and asks him to move out of sight. Once Arthur gets into place, Javier sets fire to a hay bale, causing the family members to run outside in a panic. At that moment, Arthur and Javier suddenly ambush them, starting a shootout. All of the family are wiped out during being the excursion, including Edie, who was given the job of guarding the barn. Picking up on the Porter family's emphasis on defending the barn, Arthur suggests that he and Javier should look there for the money. They soon find a lockbox with a large sum of money in it; they split the take and then ride away from the property before eventually returning to the camp.

No trace of the Porter family can be found after the assault, suggesting that they have been wiped out.


  • Attacking the family's homestead prior to the mission with Javier has no effect on the mission itself, as both the family and the property will be intact.



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