"Titty Slappers" is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

(PS3) We're a bunch of whore mongering, gold robbing, alcoholics that hang out at Thieves Landing. We pretty much shoot everything in sight, so if you're not part of our posse you're SOL.

Joining the posse

ALL are welcome, but you have to be a heartless douchebag who doesn't take gaming too seriously.


1) Go to Gaptooth Breach for the mine mission.

2) Help a stranger get the mine cart to the top of the hill.

3) Then kill him just short of the last check point and push mine cart in yourself =)

If they have a bluetooth and we can hear them get really pissed off you become and honorary member.



  • Leader 1 NlGGGERRfeet
  • Leader 2 HOMELESSDUDE247 (MIA)

Other members

  • Honorary Member 1 JerForce707
  • Member 1 Soliquidus1

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