RDW is a clan that sticks together much like a close fammily. when you mess with one of us you mess with all of us. We work together to accomplish our goals, We dont do glitches or hack and we dont use casual aiming.

Clan Rules

  1. No clan members are allowed to use Hackes, glitches or cheating of any kind.
  2. No use of High Powered guns at any time.
  3. No killing of clan members or there mounts.
  4. Clan members are needed to needed to be on at least 4 hours a week

Current members

  1. RDW Alphena
  2. RDW gravesdigga
  4. BadBrayden
  5. Gravesdaddyoh
  6. Assassin1275
  7. Squid Bacon
  8. Logic Fear



  1. (RDK)
  2. (RnR)
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