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About the posse


We are the Armed Response Unit and we were formed to prevent crime and bring justice to New Austin,West Elizabeth and Mexico.

We prevent crime in the United States and Mexico and we shoot on sight if any serious offence is being commited.Our main target is to take out all enemey posses and bring justice to our homeland.We are based in the south of America in Plainview but we have strongholds in all parts of the country.


- 24/07/2010: Welcome the new Second in Command and privileged A.R.U. Commander, Liam-Brannan.

- 24/07/2010: Hunter Officer Liam-Brannan will help recruit new Rangers, Border Guards and A.R.U. Soldiers

- 28/07/2010: Teebag-Teeling has passed the test and has made it as A.R.U Corporal.

- 30/07/2010: Dooney12 starts training with the A.R.U (Armed Responce Unit)

- 02/08/2010: Dooney12 completes his training and is now an A.R.U private.

- 13/08/2010: EL-JOKER-_-PR has joined the A.R.U and is a private.

- 18/08/2010: hunter4153 has became a member of the A.R.U and his rank is Captain.

- 18/08/2010: teebag-teeling has been promoted to Sergeant.

- 18/08/2010: gadav-gadav has joined the A.R.U as a private.

- 19/08/2010: summies has joined the A.R.U and is a Sergeant.

- 06/09/2010: Darkcarlos has joined the A.R.U as a Corporal.

Joining the posse

Anyone is welcome into the posse as long as there is no abuse to other players,no pissing around,no freindly fire and follow orders from the leader.If anyone fails to follow them instructions they will be imedietly terminated from the posse. We will try and have regular training sessions,we will go for runs around new austin,we will have practice team deathmathes and more.


  • Military Uniform only.
  • Any level is welcome.
  • Must play reguarly.

Languages: English / Spanish

Members in *The Hunters*

9 in total and more being recruited...











  • Commanding Hunter

General_Duncan (Master Hunter)

Second In Command

  • Hunter Officer :

Liam-Brannan (C.O. of the A.R.U.)

Non-Commissioned Units

A.R.U (Armed Responce Unit)

A.R.U Commander: Liam-Brannan

A.R.U. General: Empty

A.R.U Lieutenant: Empty

A.R.U. Deputy: Empty

A.R.U. Officer: Empty

A.R.U. Officer: Empty

A.R.U. Major: Empty

A.R.U. Captain: Hunter4153

A.R.U. Sergeant 1st Class: Empty

A.R.U. Sergeant: Summies

A.R.U. Soldier: Empty

A.R.U. Soldier: teebag-teeling

A.R.U. Corporal: Empty

A.R.U. Corporal: Darkcarlos490

A.R.U. Private: Gadav_Gadav

A.R.U. Private: Dooney12

A.R.U. Private: EL-JOKER-_-PR




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