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19th US Calvary Regiment is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Hell has unleash its Calvary. The 19th US Calvary Regiment, or Hell's Calvary as commonly referred to as, is an A.C.C. clan (All Calvary Combat ) that is centered in the West Elizabeth region of the Border States of America. Our job is to keep all clans in line and out of every player's business. Our motto you might ask? "For God and Country we'll end your life.".

Joining the posse

If you're really interested in joining the clan, contact the officers in charge and let them know. Clan weapons are the following:

  • Springfield Rifle (model 1873 Springfield trapdoor-action rifle)
  • Bolt Action Rifle (model 1899 Krag-Jorgensen bolt-action rifle)
  • Henry Repeater (model 1860 Henry repeating rifle)
  • All revolvers (EXCEPT DOUBLE-ACTION!!!)
  • Double-Barreled Shotgun (Colt 1878 Double-barreled Scatter gun)
  • Pump-Action Shotgun (Winchester Model 1897 Pump-Action Shotgun)

Clan recruits will usually be grouped in 4's with a senior NCO (sergeant, corporal, Private 1st class, etc). Basic training graduates will be put in a company based on these skills:

  • Subordination to superiors
  • Tactical observation
  • Leadership skills and qualities
  • Adaptation to a combat situation
  • Range proficiency with an arm (weapon)



  • Leader xHCx SIX GUN (Colonel)
  • Senior Officer xHCx REMINGTON (Lt. Colonel)


  • Officer 1 xHCx Jester (Major)
  • Officer 2 Ri0t Control23 (Captain)

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