21st Calvalry Derserters is a Red Dead Redemption posse.
Rdr american imperialism07

About the posse

We were once part of the 21st Cavalry Division, but when the apocalypse began, we abandoned our ranks. Now, we survive on our own. We fight to protect our cities from being overrun. When the apocalypse ends, we will kill public enemies and protect the innocent. We train and hide out at Cochinay. And, we know how to fight.

Joining the posse

Send a message to Yo M0mmma. Or maybe, you'll be recruited from a match. Note: If you don't have undead nightmare, you still CAN join. And by the way, I was a high level before (first prestige level 30), but my Xbox broke.



  • Leader 1 Yo M0mmma
    American Army
  • Leader 2

Other members

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