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3rd North Carolina is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The 3rd North Carolina (120th) Infantry was moved to El Paso Texas to help control the border between America and Mexico. They were tasked with patrolling the border and were stationed on the border in case it was needed for them to attack south into Mexico to help capture/kill Pancho Villa. For the sake of Red Dead Redemption, the 3rd North Carolina will be a group of friends (located mostly in North Carolina oddly enough) who will wear the American Military Uniform and at times will carry the correct weapons for the Military (when they are unlocked of course). There will be an established chain of command, and there will be some slight role playing...after all it is a game but some form of military structure could be fun. We may try and compete on but we are not sure

Joining the posse

If you are intrested in joinin the 3rd North Carolina, send me a message to Ab the Shire on Xbox live and we will see just how intrested you are in joining. We are looking for skilled players, but also players that are in it to have some fun. We are looking to maybe take this to a competeive level so if you are intersted in that, outstanding.



  • Sgt. Ab the Shire
  • Cpl. Foxholetom6

Other members

  • Pvt. Crompton
  • Pvt. Carroll
  • Pvt. Lawrence

Achievements as a Posse

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