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44th Infantry Regiment U.S. Army is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The 44th Infantry Regiment was established by the U.S. Congress in 1909(In Roleplay), stationed in Fort Cochinay. Remember, this is a fun and roleplaying group(meaning don't be a try-hard). We have 2 classes to suit our members(At the moment): -The Infantry- Main fighting force for combat and sieging. -The Calvary- Horseback units that pursues enemy forces and used to expose enemy lines.(Mic highly required but not needed)

Ranking Structure

<-- -U.S. General -Brigadier General -Lieutenant Colonel -Major -Captain -2nd Lieutenant -1st Lieutenant -Sargent Major -First Sargent -Gunnery Sargent -Staff Sargent -Sargent -Corporal -Lance Corporal -Private First Class -Private -Recruit <--(This way)

Joining the posse

First, you need to maintain a good level of skill in the game, be at least rank 3 or higher, or you'll be considered a recruit until such rank. Second, you MUST WEAR uniform at ALL times unless not with officers(Military characters only). Third, DO NOT kill afk players and/or other players unless provoked(attacked). Lastly, have fun and roleplay if you like!!!(To join message DeadSentinel246 on Xbox One/360)

Officers/Higher Ranks

Gen.DeadSentinel246, LtCol.crossbowtony





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