Cowboy Trooper

501st Uniform (if only in game)

501st is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the Posse

We are a group of mercanaries who accept any job, any time, any place. We shoot first, mock later and most of all we're here to help you rid of those annoying skidmarks to gaming, we also help with missions.


If you are not part of the posse and need some help, message one of us (below) If you are in the posse and you've been given a job post what the client wants you to do and then post the mission status (Pending, In Process, or Completed) so i can promote you accordingley.

Activity check

This is the place to bump when the activity check occurs which, as of now is once every two months starting with august 2010.The check will last for approximatly 1 week and members that haven't bumped will be put on the Inactive member's list untill they message me a reason why they could'nt bump or bump on the next activity check.

Active Members

Total: 5

Connor "Colonel Connor" France

Yaroslav the Ruski

Liam "Buzzy" Lloyd

Gary "FatBoySlim" Wingate


Joining the posse

Send me an e-mail on Or Yaroslav on:


Me on conno96

Or Yaroslav on elbarto12345678


Or Liam on madGAMES KING


Connor France, Yaroslav the Ruski, Liam Lloyd, Gary Wingate, Doctor_A44


  • Playstation Divison:
  • Connor "Colonal Connor" France
  • Yaroslav the Ruski
  • Xbox Division:
  • Liam "Buzzy" Lloyd

Other members

  • Doctor_A44
  • Gary "FatBoySlim" Wingate


  • Connor France: General
  • Yaroslav the Ruski: Lieutenant General
  • Liam Lloyd: Lieutenant General
  • Gary Wingate: Private
  • Doctor_A44: Private

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