69th Army Rangers Cavalry Regiment ("The Bendovers") is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About Us

Formed whilst LARPing, The Army Rangers 69th Cavalry Regiment has been rooted into the world for many reasons: Killing mexicans, pissing off everyone in the server, picking fights with other posses, smack talking Canadians, and other things. We are mainly stationed in Riley's Charge and Cochinay, although on some night we retreat to Coot's Chapel for a routine sermon and the sacrificial ritual of virgin blood (You could call us the Colonel Kurtz's of our generation.)

Joining The Bendovers

Traditionally, there is no way to join The Bendovers, although sometime we will invite you into the posse for a few moments to sacrifice your virgin blood to OUR ALL POWERFUL AND HUMBLE DARK LORD, BARRY. But, if we like you enough, we will think long and hard (That's what she said) about letting you into our tight knit group.


  • No fighting during the sacrificial rituals of virgin blood. If you do this, it can be assumed that you are the devil, and if this is the case, your human body will be sacrificed to OUR ALL POWERFUL AND HUMBLE DARK LORD, BARRY.
  • If you do not Rough-And-Tumble during the designated Rough-And-Tumble times, you will be dynamited in the face
  • If for any reason you are to do something against the rules, you will be Tomahawked in the legs and the C.O will rip your damn liver out (This also applies to virgin sacrifices)
  • When pursuing the enemy, always advance in arrowhead formation. If you do not comply, you will get Tomahawked in the face and your virgin blood will be sacrificed to OUR ALL POWERFUL AND HUMBLE DARK LORD, BARRY.



  • William Perdue (Colonel; C.O)

Other members

  • Madoganhen (Privates)
  • Almost easy7 (Resident Cum Guzzler And Commander In Chief Of Administration Of Skating)

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