ANZAC is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

ANZAC's Are Australian and Kiwis hence ANZAC.

We came to be after finding a lot of groups did not have structure, so we started one that would and was not hell bent on revenge. We will only attack when fired upon and that includes anyone of any rank as a lot of people have many accounts. We are not the sharpest shots out there but we can hold ourselves well. The Anzac posse tends to respect other players and do not go off the handles over their mic at others.

Joining the posse

Members must be of 16 years and older. Members must be from Australia or New Zealand to join

All Members are required to have a Microphone, This helps to give and take information. You are welcome to hang around with us on a few sessions to see if you fit in with us.

Names are asked to be one word and have to do with your country or both countries. First letter Capitalized followed by all uppercase _ANZAC. We will not kick for having a life and not playing every day.

Contract Cobber if you would like to see about joining.



  • Cobber_ANZAC NZ Leader/Founder
  • Crocadoo_ANZAC AUS 2nd Leader/Co Founder

Other members

  • Samoan_ANZAC NZ
  • Speights_ANZAC NZ

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