Almighty Grays Nation is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We tend to go to gang hideouts and fight the local gang. None of our members ride donkeys only horses and ox. We all have good guns and weapons.

Joining the Posse

  • Must have Xbox LIVE
  • Headset is not required
  • Donkey riders are not allowed
  • Must be level 5 or higher
  • Must have B187 RedTiger 4 as a friend on Xbox LIVE
  • Must be willing to hit up gang hideouts when we want to

Allies & Enemies

If you wish to be an ally gang to us message me on Xbox LIVE same for being an enemy message me on Xbox LIVE.



  • B187 RedTiger 4
  • deraberry

Other members

  • The Meat Bee

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