Army 0f Darkness is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Army of Darkness started Febuary 2012, my goal is to make the game a better environment for other players. Our base of operations is El Presidio, our alternate base is Fort Mercer (after the hideout is completed), if you have anymore questions feel free to contact me on Xbox Live via gamertag xAODxLucifer.

Joining the posse

Contact me on Xbox Live via gamertag xAODxLucifer.


1.Never Shoot unless shot upon.

2.Never shoot another AOD clan member.

3.Never shoot another AOD clan member's mount.

4.You may talk trash unless its a racial slur.

5.You must be willing to change your gamertag.

6.Must be at least 1st prestige. If your not I will 1v1 you to see how good you are.

7.Must have a mic.

8.Must be ready to take orders.

9.Do Not Mod, Glitch, or Hack the game for benefits.

10.Have Fun!!!



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I do have a website but its under construction. Website will be posted on here soon.

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