Asopla La Puta Bella is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are Asopla La Puta Bella, we're not as silly as The Unforgiven (women in kitchen? Back in my day, they were out wrestling bears.) But we have as much heart as the Nuns on Horseback, we don't really know what our name means but it's apparently Dutch for some dumb shit like 'Candle.' We play on the 360.


The Great Kersh (Dastardly!)-Xbox360

Bloo Bloobie (I'm fuckin imaginary.)-Xbox360

Contact any of the above for access into the group.


Roy X Jenkins (MAH ROY.)-Xbox360

Superluuk Mage (Diabolical!)-Xbox360

Ouroboros Fang (Cutter of lines.)-Xbox360

AWhiteAssassin (Former KKK member.)-Xbox360

HardcoreZaggie (Japanese.)-Xbox360

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