Assassins for Hire is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are killers that dont serve in a clan but are a lone group that dont take orders. We get the job done quick and clean. If you hire us we chasedown the target until he/she agrees to leave you alone or leaves the free roam session. Our code is we stand together. We fight together. We die together!!! We take no prisoners and work hard to take down a taret. We dont leave a man behind.

Joining the posse

The only way you can join is to: Have the Liars and Cheats, Undead Nightmare, and Legends and Killers packs. Cannot be Abraham Reyes or John Marston. Has to live by the code and stay true to it. Treat a posse member with respect after all who wants a teamate thats going to be annoying and leave you to die while fighting. Must be at least a level 30


Chicken Puffle I2ubber Duckii Soap Mactivish 2 Hockeytown


Leader: Chicken Puffle Co-Leader: I2ubber Duckii

Other members

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  • Member 3 etc.

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