Definite History of Austin's Posse

Austin's Posse was formed in 1907 by Fur Sure Dude, a outlaw of New Austin. F.S.D recruited the top outlaws and hitmen to create the most feared gang in the New Austin County. Austin's Posse works for the Bill Williamson gang and Dutch's Gang. However Austin's Posse has befriended the lawmen of Armidillo by capturing bounty hunters alive for the lawmen free of charge. They live by the motto "Go hard or go home" which is proved in their battles. They aren't afraid of death and don't go down before putting a bullet in your head. They conduct holdups, armed robberies and hijacking, posse v. posse fights and NPC gang hideout assaults. They reside at the saloon in Armadillo because the town is a center point to everything in New Austin as well as having all general stores in one town. When on defense or need to safely regroup they will regroup and collaborate at Cochinay because of the isolated location and one way in and out.

What we do:

-armed robberies and hijacks

-posse v. posse battles

-Austin's Posse v. NPC gang hideouts

-bounty hunting for the Armidillo lawmen in exchange for doing what we want

-Defend Fort Mercer with the Williamson Gang for cashflow

-Defend Cochnay with Dutch's Gang for cashflow

Joining the posse

if your intrested in joining Austin's Posse please message FUR SURE DUDE on xbox 360 saying your intrested or just wanna play. FUR SURE DUDE is a Red Dead Redemption active gamer, founder and commander of Austin's Posse. No declines of recruitment request

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