Australian light horse (politically correct division) is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The ALHP (politically correct division) was created when the orginal posse page for the ALHP was banned. The reason for this was due to its politically incorrect nature. In response, the ALHP formed a politically correct posse, now known as the PCP (Politically Correct Posse)

Joining the posse

To be part of this posse you need to be a sensitive, open minded man who is willing to shoot to kill.

All members have to learn the possee affirmation which is recited at the end of each pub brawl.

Love, love I love my horse,

Right to the very end of course

Our wives and girlfriends are so sweet

We just hope they never meet.



  • Crochunter1970
  • Cheekywee

Other members

  • Komatite
  • Prosserpower
  • Conanstheman

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