Bannd of brothers

Band of brothers is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

we are PSN posse that go out start posse wars (not in a douchebag way) and help those who ask and in need. are main hidouts are the Cochinay hidout, EL Presidio, and thieves' landing is are town we also occasionaly hangout at breechers hope.


We are not taking any recruits at the moment due to the group members being scattered. we will continue on the release of GTAV

Joining the posse

like any other posse we have some standards into joining the posse. must have a mic or plan on getting one in the (very) near future

2. you must have the liars & cheats and undead nightmare DLC

3.must be a level 30 and up unless you've prestiged then you must be a level 20 and up

4. must be 14 and up (sorry no squeakers)

5. don't be a stiff take a joke

6. don't kill your own team mates (unless they kill u then u get to kill them back)

7. If in a battle if one of your posse members becomes public enemy don't be a douche and kill them

once you've met the standards send a friend request to Gio7181 or xxLighT_U_UPxx also answering if you have the things above. If one of us accept it we will invite you to a free roam with some of the other posse members and put you through a test (nothing to hard) once you pass you'll be one of the Brothers


  • Gio7181 (leader / the founder / the commie / guardian angel)
  • xxLighT_U_UPxx ( second in command / the apache-chief / that canadian)


  • CLAYMAN52 (jesus/ clay pigeon)
  • NIGHTHAWK5156 (Lemming)
  • cannaedaeit (Tex)
  • daxter_36(dax)

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