• GreyWolf_Odin is the Leader and Alpha wolf of Clan GreyWolf
  • GreyWolf_007 is the clan Beta(Second in Command)
  • GreyWolf_Otaktay is third in command and leader of the sniper division.

Active Members:

  1. GreyWolf_Ares
  2. GreyWolf_360
  3. GreyWolf_Zero
  4. GreyWolf_Loki
  5. GreyWolf_Goddess
  6. GreyWolf_420


  • Allies - our allies on Red Dead Redemption include the Red Dead Rangers Clan, The 187_Killaz Clan, The Warlord Clan, and the Blackwater Clan.
  • Enemies - our enemies include, Brown Pride, WolfPack, PR Clan, Mexican Locos, Bandit Gang, Outtlaws and the BadBoyz.

As a clan, we make sure to respect the trust placed in us by others. Any and all allies, at any given time, can count on the GreyWolf Clan to be there to support them on a moments notice. All we ask in some of the Killing to us. As long as there is an enemy to fight we are there. And on the occasions that there isn't someone to kill we don't mind shooting the breeze either. What is a game if you take some of the fun out by ALWAYS needing to fight? hanging out with your buddies has to be a part of that as well.

As for enemies, you know your place. When we see you, its not a matter of IF, but WHEN we are going to get you. There is no prey alive that can escape a well experianced pack of wolves. You may run and you may hide, but we will find you and you will know what it is like to be at our mercy. Unfortunatly, We have none...

General Info:

The GreyWolf clan is an elite group of fighters that hunt as a well trained unit, unmatched in their ability to fight against superior numbers by sticking together. we live up to our names and fight with a passion and feroscity that can't be beat. where there is one of us, you can rest assured that the rest of the pack is around. you may not be able to see us all but we always see you. Our Allies can always count on us to back them in a fight. we are loyal to our friends and deadly to our enemies. All clans that find themselves on the wrong side of the dividing line between friend and foe are shot on sight. no mercy is given and no quarter shall be allowed.

We were founded on the belief that strength came from our bonds of trust and that any and all who would dare to stand in our way would be moved aside, either through intimidation or force. those that attempt to resist the will of the pack are hunted into extinction. those that have stood against us and survived swear their allegience to our cause. The Pack can not be destroyed and will not be forced to submit to any outside power. Our pride as warriors and as a group will allow us to achieve our goals no matter the cost and attain victory no matter the odds. It has been said that 1 GreyWolf can hold his own against 4 from any other clan, a fact which has been proven on many occasions against Brown Pride, most likely the most cowardly RDR clan on Playstation network. The most notable evidence being that they are forced to leave a game lobby by even a single GreyWolf. As a clan they do not respect us, but they damn sure fear us.


The GreyWolf Clan can be found on the Playstation 3 system. We Claim our territory all the way from Cochinay and Tall Tree's to Torquemada and Chuparosa. All the land that stretches between those areas belongs to us. It is our Homes and Hunting Grounds. All who dare to invade will be dealt with swiftly and expertly. None shall escape our wrath. All other clans that attempt to intrude or lay claim to what is ours will be punished. Permission must be requested to pass through for any amount of time. Failure to do so shall be dealt with harshly.

Words of Wisdom from Odin:

  • Be not a braggart for if any work done be praise-worthy, others will sing your praises for you.
  • Where wolf's ears are, wolf's teeth are near.

Creed and Philosophy:

Wolf Pack Creed

Respect the elders....Teach the young...Cooperate with the pack Play when you can...Hunt when you must...Rest in between Share your affections...Voice your feelings...Leave your mark.
Wolf Pack

Joining Info:

If you Choose to join the GreyWolf Clan you need to have three things, Drive to succeed in the Clan, Must have a Headset, and you must be 14 yrs or older. If you meet the requirments message me (GreyWolf_Odin) or GreyWolf_007 on your PSN account and we'll get you started with a shiny new GW account.

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