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War clan emblem.

War Clan is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse[]

Thieves, killers and bandits we are a organized criminal organisation who control everything towards the north from south of the border which means illegal nonnarcotics to human trafficking and everything in between is controlled by us, we are in constants battle with the law and other criminal syndicates for respect and power, our military headquarters can be located in el presido and our main headquarters is located in escalera, any new comers will be put through tests and trials to prove their worthiness. any one trying to infiltrate our organisation will be hunted, burnt alive and sexually molested(JOKE).

Joining the posse[]

Contact me or one of the leaders, we will test and initiate you. (Apply for details) All non-douches welcome, before adding us on PSN for recruitment state your business on the friend request message or you will not be accepted, any one trying to approach us online will be treated hostile.


  • Leader 1: Sylo-321Santos
  • Leader 2: mess-you-up
  • Leader 3: MissMstrmndDiva1


  • Member 1: JK1LL3RX
  • Member 2: sickestgamer123
  • Member 3: eafr
  • Member 4: stintmister4000
  • Member 5: TONEY-SOPRANO
  • Member 6: GHOZTMON
  • Member 7: Demonic_Legion
  • Member 8: saint-ruben
  • Member 9: maxx8levi
  • Member 10: killcons96
  • Member 11: Biigze5pb
  • Member 12: ac_boi2008
  • Member 13: jidgjidg26
  • Member 14: serinity1989


There are no new events. (we'll keep you posted)

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