Pouring Forth Oil II is a mission in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Mission Overview

Arthur steals an oil wagon to use in the train job being planned by John.


As part of the plan to rob a train with John Marston, Arthur Morgan travels to Cornwall Kerosene & Tar to steal an oil wagon that will be used during the robbery to stop the train. Arthur manages to take the wagon, and delivers it to Old Trail Rise, where it will remain until "Pouring Forth Oil IV".

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Deliver the wagon to the drop off within 1 minute and 45 seconds.

Video Walkthroughs


  • This mission is technically optional. If the player fails to complete the mission in the same day as "Pouring Forth Oil I", John will steal the oil wagon instead and therefore this particular mission will no longer be available.
  • There is normally a wagon on its own in Valentine that can be robbed and used for the mission.
    • The wagon in Valentine is only guarded by a single guard making it easier to steal. It is, however, further away from the drop off point.
  • Despite the two wagons at Cornwall Kerosene & Tar being closely guarded, the wagon on the far right is fairly easy to steal if the player jumps over the fence, runs to the wagon, then drives away.


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