The Prominent Americans Card Set is a collectible set of Cigarette Cards players may put together in Red Dead Redemption 2. Mailing the set to Phineas T. Ramsbottom awards three Eagle Feathers and $50.


Name Location Notes
President Fisher Southfield Flats Southwest of the larger pond is the Jansen Mills building. On a barrel at the top of the loading ramp is the card.
President Hardin Lagras Southwest of the Bait & Tackle Shop is a railing near the shack. Opposite two wagon wheels is the card.
Lillian Powell Pleasance To the northwest of the schoolhouse is a shack. On the northeast side of the shack in the bushes in a crate is the card.
Leviticus Cornwall Fort Wallace On a windowsill at the top of the southeast tower. Can only be obtained from "The King's Son" until the start of "Our Best Selves".
J.D. McKnight Rhodes On a table inside the gazebo to the east of the Saloon.
Luther Covington Saint Denis On a crate on the southwestern docks.
Harvey Griggs Saint Denis On a workbench inside the freight hall - where railroad tracks all converge. Only after acquiring "Smoking and Other Hobbies".
Henrietta Beatrice Woods Saint Denis North of the gazebo on Rue de la Diligent, on the east side of the road, the card can be found on a front porch table.
General Quincy Harris Cornwall Kerosene & Tar At the base of the oil well tower to the northeast.
General Cornelius Palmer Hill Haven Ranch On the table at the shed to the northwest.
Senator Thaddeus Waxman Pleasance A cabin can be found west of the shack, northwest of the schoolhouse. On the mantle within is the card.
President Alfred MacAlister Crawdad Willies On the southeast windowsill of the shack.


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