Punta Orgullo (Spanish for Pride Point) is a constituent region of the Nuevo Paraíso territory.


It is the Western-most region of the territory and borders the region of Perdido to the East. The San Luis River forms the northern and western borders of the region.

Locations and landmarks include:


Several multiplayer game modes are available at Punta Orgullo. None are available with the original game, however. All require DLCs, as noted below.

Native Plants


  • In this region, the desert sand is white instead of beige.
  • This region is home to the largest town in Nuevo Paraíso, Escalera.
  • While the other regions in Nuevo Paraíso are based on the higher altitude deserts such as the Chihuahuan Desert and the Colorado Plateau, this part of the desert is based on the lower altitude Sonoran Desert.
  • Father Owlhoot, a target of the legendary bounty in Red Dead Online, once received lessons from a Mexican in Punta Orgullo about killing people in the most sadistic ways.

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