A chestnut horse with a white stripe face. Normal speed.

–In-game description

The Quarter Horse is a horse and transport featured in Red Dead Redemption.


The Quarter Horse appears as a brown horse with a white stripe marking on its face and one white sock on its front leg. Its base price is $500 ($250 if honor or fame are high enough) and it is a two star, normal speed horse. This may be one of the fastest of the two-star horses. Some may consider this horse to be "sorrel" in color due to its reddish coat and flaxen mane and tail.

In reality, the American Quarter Horse is the most popular breed in America today. They are a popular horse in the Western style, though commonly seen in England as well. They can come in almost any color, though sorrel and bay are the most common colors.

At a far sight at night, the Quarter Horse can be sometimes mistaken for a Welsh Mountain due to its brown color and chestnut mane and tail. A chestnut with lighter mane and tail is actually a sorrel.


  • The famous outlaw Jesse James would usually ride this horse.
  • The Quarter Horse is so named because it is the fastest breed in a quarter mile race. Even Thoroughbred racehorses cannot keep up through the first quarter mile. [1]  Because of their sprint speed and agility, quarter horses are favored for cattle herding and rodeo events, as well as the two-furlong "barrel races"  for which they were bred.
  • The Quarter Horse was bred shortly after the shut-down of the Pony Express. The races were established to see if their horses were as good as express horses.


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