Rains Fall is a major character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.


Sometime before the year of 1899, Rains Fall was named Chieftain of the Wapiti Indians. He had two sons; the elder was killed by the US Army before the events of the game, while the other son was Eagle Flies

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Colter Chapter

Along with Eagle Flies and Paytah, he is seen observing the gang moving out of the mountains on their way to Horseshoe Overlook.

Saint Denis Chapter

Rains Fall attended the mayor’s party with Eagle Flies. Later, when Rains Fall learned that his people were being moved off of their land, he commissioned Arthur Morgan to steal important documents to attempt to stop their relocation.

Beaver Hollow Chapter

Arthur will next encounter Rains Fall at the reservation to talk to him, if the player decides to help him. The two go on a ride, in which he learns that Arthur has contracted Tuberculosis. Rains Fall decides to help Arthur and collects plants that will slow down the disease. It is when doing this, that he finds that the U.S. Army has destroyed an ancient spiritual site that the tribe holds dear. Realizing that if his people learn of this they will have war, he asks Arthur to stealthily recover several artifacts that were stolen. Arthur does this, and Rains Fall thanks him before giving him the herbs.

Charles and Arthur go to the reservation, where they tell the chief that they will rescue Eagle Flies, who has been captured, rather than make him go to war. He will later have the pair come to a peace meeting with Colonel Favours. After Favours begins insulting his tribe, he storms out and watches as Charles and Arthur exchange fire with the army as they rescue Captain Monroe.

Rains Fall won't be encountered again until he rides into Beaver Hollow begging his men not to go to war. Alas, they do not listen to him and attack the Cornwall company nonetheless. Eagle Flies is mortally wounded in this battle, and Arthur and Charles bring his body back to him. Rains Fall will watch his son die, and weep.

In the epilogue, eight years later, John Marston can bump into Rains Fall in Annesburg. Rains Fall reveals he and his tribe were moved to Canada just before getting on a train to return to them, and that he had temporarily returned to America to mourn the death of his son, which he had still not fully recovered from.



Rains is a pacifist, unlike his son Eagle Flies. He wishes that everything the Indians do is done in peace, and is willing to put up with decades of abuse from the U.S. Army if it means no war.

Mission appearances


  • During the occasional instances in which Rains Fall departs from English to speak in a Native American language, the in-game caption reveals that the actual language he is using is Lakota.
  • In 1907, Dutch ends up in the same situation as Rains Fall did; one of his two sons is dead, and someone is trying to manipulate the remaining one for nefarious purposes. It is likely this at least partially fueled his eventual trigger-happy madness, as he may have seen himself in Micah, an immoral man capable of hiding it under a shell of sophistication, and realized that acting on his violent urges is deep down his tue nature.



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