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Red Dead Redemption
Bounty Target

Ramiro de la Torre
Rdr ramiro de la torre
Gender Male
Wanted Poster Location Nuevo Paraiso
Affiliations Banditos
Weapon Schofield Revolver
Wanted Poster
Rdr ramiro delatorre
Dead Alive
$200 $400

You have a problem with me, John?
Ramiro de la Torre

Ramiro de la Torre is a minor character and a bounty target featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Ramiro de la Torre is a Banditos wanted for grand larceny and can be captured or killed depending on the player's choice.


Ramiro can most often be found around Chuparosa and Casa Madrugada, frequently loitering inside the cantina. He can be encountered in the Fort Mercer gang hideout, where he will be hostile even if the player is wearing the Bandito Outfit. In the hideout, he will be one of the three bandito leaders, along with Arcadio Gamboa and Cristo Bustamante, needed to be killed to complete the hideout. He can also be encountered in the Tesoro Azul hideout in Free Roam, although unlike other Banditos, he will only spawn once.


Gringo, next time we meet, there will be gunfight.
Ramiro de la Torre after the player has captured him
Are you a judiciale now, gringo? I kill judiciales for fun!
Ramiro de la Torre
You should've stayed in America, gringo!
Ramiro de la Torre
Next time we meet, gringo, I will teach you about venganza!
Ramiro de la Torre


  • His character model is available in the Outfitter under the name Fernando Naranjo.
  • Ramiro's character is likely modeled after the character named Chico from the film "A Fistful of Dollars". Chico has a similar appearance, including his size and his beard, and he has two bandoliers across his chest, much like Ramiro.
  • He wears a similar outfit to that worn by Javier Escuella, although his outfit is a different color and he has twin bandoliers strapped across his chest, unlike Escuella.
  • He uses the same character head as Arcadio Gamboa.
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