No man outsmarts lawman Randolph Knox, hear me, boy?

Randolph Knox

Randolph Knox is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Randolph is a Marshal who is normally found around the Blackwater Police Department Headquarters.


Red Dead Redemption

Randolph plays a small role in the mission "Great Men Are Not Always Wise". Randolph is on the roof during the shootout with Dutch's Gang, and stands beside John Marston after the gunfight at Bearclaw Camp. He is seen again in "The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed", where he is one of the Marshals that accompanies Edgar Ross.

Randolph can most often be found at the Police Station in Blackwater. If Marston has a bounty, Randolph and some other Marshals will track him all around West Elizabeth and New Austin.

Undead Nightmare

In Undead Nightmare, Randolph can be seen fending off the undead outside Fort Mercer when returning Missing Persons. He will be fighting alongside Blake Kingston and an unnamed Army Captain. However, after the missing person has been brought inside the fort, Randolph cannot be found.


  • Randolph's character model is available in the Outfitter under the name Hank Sutter.
  • Randolph may be related to Everett Knox, the doctor at MacFarlane's Ranch. There is also a Gideon Knox buried at Coot's Chapel.
  • Randolph seems to think big of his ego, often mentioning his name when arresting Marston or in a typical gun fight. He even refers to himself in the third person, saying "Randolph Knox is getting a trigger itch". He shares this trait with another Marshal, Guy Crossfield, and the Armadillo general store manager Herbert Moon, who also refers to himself in third person.
  • He appears to be romantically connected to a person named Melinda, as when injured, he will say "Oh no, tell Melinda I didn't mean what I said", suggesting he may have had an argument with her.


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