Random Encounters refer to events and characters the player can come across while roaming the map.

Rival Gangs

O'Driscoll Boys

Prison wagon break

The player can come across some O'Driscolls, who ambushed a prisoner transport and they are seen attempting to free their comrade from a prison wagon. If the player approaches, the gang member will attack the player. The gang member inside the wagon will curse at the player for foiling his escape.

Stagecoach robbery

Two O'Driscolls are robbing a stagecoach. One is holding the driver at gunpoint and the other is trying to break a locked compartment. They demand the driver to give them the key, but the driver states that the company that he works for does not give the keys to the employees. The driver will notice the Arthur and calls out for help. After killing the two O'Driscolls, the driver will thank Arthur. The driver states that the company will probably write it off as a robbery and that they can help themselves to whatever is inside the compartment. The driver will take one of the O'Driscoll's horses and leaves.

Beating a debtor

In Valentine, the player can encounter two O'Driscolls beating a man near a tree. They demand the man to pay them what he owes. The player can choose intervene or not intervene. If the player intervenes they will fight the two O'Driscolls and will raise the player's Honor. If the player does not intervene they will knock out the man and the player will lose Honor for not helping the man. One of the O'Driscolls will have a customized Schofield Revolver.

Train robbery

Along the tracks somewhere in New Hanover, the player can come across a stopped train. A few O'Driscolls will be holding several passengers at gunpoint outside the cars. If the player chooses to intervene, they will be forced to dispatch the O'Driscoll's and one of the passengers will subsequently express thanks for the assistance.

Bridge barricade

In western Lemoyne, on the bridge just across from the border with New Hanover and southwest of Old Greenbank Mill, the player may find a group of five O'Driscolls have barricaded the bridge with a wagon. Upon approaching the barricade, the O'Driscolls will shout that the bridge is theirs and try to scare the player off. Continuing to approach will provoke them to open fire. After killing the O'Driscolls, a chest aboard the wagon can be looted for food and ammunition, and the wagon itself can be sold to the Wagon Fence at Emerald Ranch for $40.00.

Brawl at Keane's Saloon

Outside Keane's Saloon in Valentine, the player will be accosted by a group of three O'Driscolls on the porch. The player can ignore them, provoke them, or listen to their challenge. In the latter two cases, the O'Driscolls will start a fistfight with the player, with all three ganging up at once.

Note: In the epilogue, the O'Driscolls are replaced with the Laramie Gang in Big Valley, and with unidentified outlaws (labelled "stranger") in New Hanover.

Del Lobo Gang

To be expanded

Laramie Gang

To be expanded

Lemoyne Raiders

Cavalry charge

As the player is riding along a trail near Hill Haven Ranch, a loud voice whistles and shouts out: "There's the son of a bitch! Shoot to kill!"; 8 to 12 mounted Lemoyne Raiders will appear and attack the player.

Gatling gun ambush

As the player travels westward along the riverside road towards Catfish Jacksons, they will pass through a group of waiting Lemoyne Raiders hiding in the woods with a wagon-mounted gatling gun. Once the player is surrounded, one of the Raiders will shout for the Gatling to fire, signaling the start of the attack.

Exploding wagon ambush

As the player travels along the road leading west out of Rhodes, just south of the large red barn near the train tracks, they will approach a dynamite-rigged wagon on the roadside, which is then detonated. The explosion will scare the player's horse, throwing them to the ground, and Lemoyne Raiders will emerge from the trees on the road's southern side.

Abducted policeman

At one of the Lemoyne Raiders' campsites, the player may find that the Lemoyne Raiders have kidnapped a Saint Denis policeman for ransom and are interrogating him. The player can choose to intervene or not. If the player decides to not intervene the Lemoyne Raiders will execute the officer and the player will lose honor. If the player decides to intervene the Lemoyne Raiders will attack Arthur. The player can untie the officer and he will thank Arthur for saving him. The lawman will get on a horse and leave. Killing the lawman will lower the player's honor.

Murfree Brood

Roanoke Ridge camp intimidation

If the player sets up camp around Roanoke Ridge, an area where the Murfree Brood are heavily present, a man in denim dungarees may approach the player's character from behind and ask to warm himself by the campfire. Although the man seems friendly, another man, also wearing dungarees, pulls out a revolver and holds it to the back of the player's head. The Murfree Brood by the fire threatens the player, telling them they should be careful where they camp. The man stands up and the two Murfree Broods walk away; the player can then kill the two men.

Camp robbery

The player can encounter multiple camp robberies in Roanoke Ridge, if the player comes close they will flee and panic. If they are killed then two more will show up and will start shooting. The player can take the items left at the camp and looting the killed campers will lower the players honor.

Duo ambush

Two Murfree Brood gang members will ambush the player and attempt to rob him.

Burning wagon attack

In another encounter, the Murfree Brood want to get revenge on Arthur for expelling them from Beaver Hollow. They will hear the player coming and push a burning wagon with explosives in front of him. The explosion will knock the player off their horse and the Murfree Brood will attack Arthur.

Pox tent trap

The player can ride near Beaver Hollow and hear a man inside a tent screaming and yelling "Help me! The pox!" When the player tries to enter the tent, two Murfree Brood members will appear, one inside the tent and one behind it. The one inside the tent will accuse the player of trying to rob a sick man, and will proceed to rob the player. The player can fake surrender and shoot both of them to escape.

Pit trap

Yet another encounter involves the player falling into a pit camouflaged with leaves and grass, located near Huron Glen. About three Murfree Brood members will show up to see what fell in their trap, who can be killed by the player. More of the Murfree Brood will show up if the player shoots the first three.


Two Murfrees have a woman tied up beside a wagon that has been ambushed and her male companion is dead nearby. The player can eliminate the two and will gain an honor increase for freeing the woman, and will gain some more if they accept her request to be taken home and follow through with the favor.

Skinner Brothers

Tall Trees/Great Plains camp intimidation

If the player sets up camp around Tall Trees or Great Plains, areas where the Skinner Brothers are active, an event can occur where a man grabs the protagonist by their hair and holds a knife to their forehead. Another Skinner Brother appears wielding a rifle, and two men laugh maliciously. The Skinner Brother with the knife releases the protagonist, and warns them that they should stay away from their territory, otherwise they will murder and mutilate the player. The two men then decide to leave, giving the player the option to kill them.

Nature, Hunting, Travel, and Gunslingers

Man bitten by snake

The player can encounter a man named Norbert who was bitten on the leg by a snake. The player can either suck the poison out of the man's leg or give him a health cure. The man can later be encountered sitting outside of the gunsmith in Valentine, where he thanks the player for saving his life. He then offers to buy anything the player wants from the gun store, enabling the player to obtain a free item from the store.

The player can encounter a different man in Scarlett Meadows who was also bitten and specifically asks for medicine. If the player helps, he offers his thanks and promises to repay them someday. The man can later be found sitting outside of the General Store in Rhodes, and will similarly offer to pay for any item in the store.

Man poisoned by plant

The player can encounter a man screaming in pain off the side of a road in New Hanover or Scarlett Meadows. The player can help the man by giving him a health cure. He thanks the player and points toward some Oleander Sage, warning the player not to eat it like he did.

Trapper steps on a trap

The player can encounter a trapper, who stepped on his own trap. The player can help the man. The player will disarm the trap and can give a health cure to the man and whiskey to ease the pain. The man with thank the player and allow the player to take any items from his bag.

Cougar attack

The player can encounter a cougar attack around The Heartlands and Big Valley. A person trying to fight off a lone cougar and climbing up a tree for safety. The person will cry for help and state that they are low on ammo. The player can help the person or not help. The player can skin the cougar for a pelt and it raises the players honor for helping.

Wolf attack

The player can encounter a man trying to fight off a lone wolf and calling for help in Big Valley or just north of Bacchus Station in Cumberland Forest. The player will gain honor for helping the man. The man will state that he is pain and the player has the option to give the man whiskey or a health cure to ease the pain; the man will become frustrated if given the health cure, since it would not stop him from bleeding out. Eventually, the man dies from blood loss.


The player can encounter a pair of prospectors near the Dakota River panning for gold.

In one encounter, the player can man, who will rant about not finding any gold and he eventually find some gold. He takes his gold and states that he is going to tell his friend. If the player robs him or kills him, they will lose honor and if looted he will have a gold nugget.

In another encounter the player can encounter a another man near the Bard's Crossing. He will pan to see if he got any gold, but get frustrated that he was unable to find gold and walks away.

Shooting competitions

The player can encounter different gunslingers in New Hanover and Scarlett Meadows who will challenge the player to a friendly shooting competition. The player will be asked to shoot bottles, and must shoot as many as possible without missing. If the player wins, the man will request a second, double-or-nothing round, but this time the targets will be birds in flight. The player can decline and walk away with their winnings, or accept and try to win more money.

Bear hunter

In Big Valley, the player may encounter a hunter stopped on the side of the road. The hunter will dismount his horse and start tracking a bear, commenting aloud how he cannot wait to eat it. The player can ignore him or track the bear alongside him; if the player tries to speak with the hunter, he will say to keep quiet as he is tracking game. After a short walk, during which the hunter will point out that the trail is fresh, a grizzly bear will emerge from a small stand of trees higher up the slope and charge. If the player does not join the hunter and watches from a safe distance, the hunter dies. If the player does join the hunter, the bear will target the player, and so must be killed in order to survive.

Hunter needs help looking for his friend

The player can encounter a hunter near Cairn Lake. A hunter can be heard shouting for his friend named Tucker. The hunter will spot the player and ask him to stop for a moment. He will explain to the player that his friend went outside to get more firewood for their cabin, but his friend got lost in a storm. He will state that he looked everywhere for him and asks the player if they could help him. The player has the choice to accept or decline.

If accepted, he will tell the player that he will look again at the cabin and asks the player to search the surrounding area. The player will eventually find his friend dead near a dead tree with rocks and the player will inform the hunter. The player has the choice to mislead or assist the hunter. If the player chooses assist (raises honor), the protagonist will inform the hunter of his friend's death and the hunter will disappointed by the news. The hunter will get on his horse and head to where his friend died and will mourn the death of his friend. Later, a bear will appear from a random direction and attack him. The player can help the hunter or do nothing. If the player loots the hunter (if killed) it will lower the player's honor.

Drunk duelist

The player can bump into a drunk man exiting the bar in Smithfield's Saloon. The drunk man will challenge the player to a duel. If the challenge is accepted, the man will pass out from over-drinking after reaching the dueling position, or the player can kill the man. However looting the man lowers the player's honor.

Duelist takes on challengers

In Valentine or Van Horn Trading Post only, the player may witness two men in a duel. One of men accuses the other man for cheating at a poker game. Afterwards, the winner challenges everyone else around them. The player can accept their challenge and duel them. Alternatively, the player can refuse the challenge, which will increase their Honor.

Man shoots himself in the leg

In Annesburg, the player can encounter man show off his gun to his friend. The man accidentally fires a round in his gun holster and ends up shooting his leg. His friend states that he should go get medical attention to his injury, but the man declines his friend's advice. The man's friend leaves and the wounded man heads over to a bench to rest.

A similar encounter will happen in Strawberry where a man will show off his gun and accidentally shoots himself in the foot. As he is screaming in pain and blood comes out, his friend tells him to see the doctor. He declines his friends advice but still sits on the bench at the doctors as the doctor has gone fishing.

Man accidentally shoots and kills his friend

While passing the gunsmith in Rhodes during its operating hours, two men will emerge from the shop, with one bragging about his newly-purchased revolver. He will show off by drawing it and pointing it at his friend, who plays along and raises his hands in mock surrender. Unfortunately, when the first man repeats this gag, he accidentally shoots his friend in the chest, killing him instantly. The newly-minted killer then panics and runs away. The player can chase down the killer and hogtie him, then bring him to the Rhodes sheriff for a small cash reward and an honor increase.

Horse races

In Big Valley, a man riding a Nokota horse will appear and compliment the player's horse. The man will brag paying top dollar for his horse and claim it is fast. He challenges the player to a race to a random location within Big Valley. If the player beats him, he gives money to the player and punches his horse for making him lose. The player can re-encounter the same man and race him a second time. If the player wins again, the man will be enraged and shoot his horse for losing.

In Scarlett Meadows, the player can similarly encounter a woman riding a Thoroughbred horse who will compliment the player's horse. She challenges the player to a race to a random location within Scarlett Meadows. If the player beats her, she will lightly berate her horse for losing and vow to win the next time. On the second encounter, if the player wins again, the woman will be more agitated, and exclaim that she may have to put down her horse if it keeps losing.

In Grizzlies East,the player can encounter a man riding an American Standardbred horse that will compliment the player's horse and then praise his own horse. The man will similarly race them to a random location in Grizzlies East. In Ambarino, the player can encounter a man riding a horse and will compliment the player's horse. The man bets that his horse named Ariel is faster than the player's horse and challeges the player to a race to a random location in Ambarino. If the player beats the man, he will show disappointment in his horse for loosing and vow to win the next time.

Winning these races may permanently increase the speed of the player's active horse.

Horse kicks and kills its owner

The player can encounter people trying to clean their horse's hoof. However, the horse will kick and kills its owner. The horse can be taken without losing honor, but looting the horse's dead owner will reduce honor.

Runaway horse

As the player is traveling along a road in The Heartlands, they may pass a man trying to calm his horse. The player's approach startles the horse, causing it to run away. If the player lassos the runaway and returns it to its owner, the owner will offer a small cash reward.

Woman trapped under her horse

The player can encounter two different women trapped under their horses around The Heartlands region of New Hanover. The first will cry for help and state that her friend's horse died on her. The player can help get the dead horse off her legs or not help her. She will thank the player for helping and feels bad that her friend's horse died. The player can offer to give her a ride home and she will tell the player to take her to Valentine. During the ride she explains, that her friend let her borrow her horse to inquire about a seamstress job for a wealthy man. When arriving to Valentine, she gives jewelry as payment for giving her a ride back into town.

The second woman follows nearly the same scenario, but instead asks to be taken to Emerald Ranch. Along the way, she will discuss her life at the ranch and mention that its owner is an erratic and spiteful man, and that she intends to find work elsewhere. She also gives jewelry as payment for the ride.

If the player takes too long delivering either woman to their destination, they will begin to complain, and then angrily force the player to stop so they can get off the horse and walk back on their own.

Drunk wagon driver kills his horse

The player can encounter a drunk wagon driver who crashed his wagon and killed his horse. The driver will ask the player to watch the wreckage while they go look for help. After the driver has left (he will eventually pass out after walking a short distance), the player can take any valuables from the wreckage, but will lose honor.

Crazy woman lost in the woods for two days

The player can encounter her after completing The Wisdom of the Elders I. When Arthur sets up camp in Roanoke Ridge a dirty looking woman turns up. She tells him she's very cold and asks if she can sit by the fire. If accepted, she'll say that her friends, Esther and Jerry-Ann are part of why she's so cold, eating all chitterlings and lending her warm breeches amongst other things.

She tells Arthur she drank some moonshine to keep warm and woke up on a riverbank, totally lost. She'll then tell Arthur she's from Butcher Creek, and that they have to cope with a demon there, taking control of the bodies and minds of the villagers. Right after, she thinks Arthur looks at her funny and then goes on that he has the same look her uncle always has, running away in fear immedialy afterwards.

Arthur can follow her but after running for a few dozen meters, she starts normally walking and acts like any random stranger.

Outlaws, Prisoners, Bounty Hunters, and Lawmen

Bill Williamson captured

In Chapter 2, as Arthur Morgan is out riding, Javier Escuella will stop him and tell him that Bill Williamson was captured by bounty hunters. Arthur isn't happy with Bill for getting caught, and Javier tells him he can either help or not. If Arthur decides to help, him and Javier ride a short distance to a large clifftop, where they find a camp of bounty hunters, with Bill hogtied. Arthur and Javier kill the bounty hunters and free Bill, who thanks the duo. Javier and Bill then ride off to camp.

Night Folk corpse trap

In the swamps of Bayou Nwa, the player may come across a hanged corpse dangling from a tree by the road. This encounter is more likely to occur at night, but can also be seen during the day. If the player gets off their horse to investigate the corpse, three Night Folk will appear and rush the player from behind. After killing the Night Folk, the hanged corpse can be shot down and looted to obtain a note in which the victim describes his fear that he is being stalked by the Night Folk.

Killer Prostitute

The player can encounter a prostitute in Valentine, who will ask for help disposing the body of a client who began attacking her. If the player agrees, they can dispose of the body in a pig sty nearby. However, if the player is seen carrying the body, the law will be set upon them and they will receive a bounty. The player can tie her up and take her to the sheriff office or report her crime to the sheriff for money. The prostitute is angry at the player for reporting her crime or taking her to sheriff office. Soon after she is placed in jail, a public hanging will be seen. The player can save her from execution if they wish, or do nothing and let her hang.

Doyle's Tavern setup

The player can encounter a black prostitute named Daisy at Doyle's Tavern in Saint Denis. She states that she recognizes them and would like to get to know them. The player has the choice to accept or decline. If accepted, she states that she would like to talk in a more private place and to follower her. She will lead the player to the back door, where three members of the Italian mob are waiting. The player will lose honor for following her. The henchmen thank the prostitute for helping lure the player outside and want to get revenge on the protagonist for posing a threat to their boss. The gangsters will pull out knives and attempt to kill the player.

If the player returns to the bar shortly afterwards, the bartender will state that woman's name is Daisy. Feeling bad that the player was tricked, the bartender will subsequently give them a free drink.

Note: In the epilogue, Angelo Bronte's henchman will be replaced with Guido Martelli's and will instead be seeking revenge at John for having helped Charles during his fixed boxing match.


The player can encounter various pickpockets who purposely bump into the player and take the player's money. This occurs when entering the gunsmith and the tailor clothing store in Saint Denis and the saloon in Van Horn Trading Post. The pickpocket will take a significant amount of the player's money, and taking the money back from him will give the player their own money back and more on top.

Fugitive prisoner

The player can encounter several different lone prisoners in multiple regions who will ask the player to shoot their leg shackles. If a prisoner is helped, he will give the player a robbery tip. On subsequent encounters with the same prisoner, the player will comment on how he was recaptured and suggest he run further away. You can also deliver them to the sheriff to get a cash reward

Chain gang escape attempt

The player can encounter a group of two lawmen and three prisoners around Scarlett Meadows. The lawmen are guarding the prisoners as they break up some rocks. Two prisoners will purposely get into a fight and a lawman will step in to intervene. The fighting prisoners will then stab the the lawman together, while the third prisoner stabs the second lawman. The dying second lawman shoots and kills the third prisoner. The other two prisoners flee.

The player can capture the two men and turn them into the Rhodes sheriff office for money or let them flee.

It is possible to use Dead Eye to save the lawmen from being killed, in which case they will thank the player.

Criminal being transported by lawmen

Two lawmen can be encounter transporting a criminal inside a prison wagon and order people to stay back from the wagon. The player can question the lawmen or antagonize them. The lawmen will shoot back if the player attacks them or follows them to close. Killing the lawmen will lower the player's honor and the player has the option to free the criminal. Shooting the lock and allowing the prisoner to fight the lawman and escape will increase the player's honor.

Criminal being transported by bounty hunters

The player can encounter two bounty hunters transporting a wanted criminal they captured and will order the player to stay back from them. The fugitive will cry for help, but the bounty hunters tell the person to shut up. The player can kill the two bounty hunters. The player has the option to free the wanted fugitive or collect the bounty for the fugitive.


The player can encounter man on a horse with a woman tied up. The woman will cry for help stating that she has been kidnapped. The player can greet the man or intervene. If the player intervenes the captor will fight the player. After killing the man, the player will have to calm the horse down and the woman asks the player to untie her. There are two encounters of this, but will have two different women (a white woman and a black woman) kidnapped.

Two outlaws trying to break open a safe

The player can encounter two outlaws trying to break open a safe they stole. They will tell the player to get lost. The player can kill the men and blow open the safe with dynamite.

Injured woman robbery ambush

The player can come across a woman calling for help and pretending to be injured on the ground. As the player approaches, she stands up and point her gun at the player and orders the player to put their hand up. Two other outlaws appear on horses pointing weapons at the player. As she about to search the player's satchel, the player can quickly pull out their gun to kill the trio.

Hostage situation

The player can encounter a woman calling for help. The woman will tell the player that a man named Mr. Abel demanded that she and her husband sell their land. Mr. Abel sent thugs to visit their homestead to force them to sell and she manage to escape the thugs. She tells the player that Abel's thugs have her husband as a hostage and are planning to kill him. If the player accepts to help her, she will give the player the location of the homestead and tell the player that she going to find more help. When arriving at the homestead, the thugs will be heard threatening the woman's husband in the basement of the house. The player must kill the thugs and untie the man. The man will thank the player for saving him and will get on a horse to find his wife.

Horse thief

The player can encounter a man around area of New Hanover. The man standing along the road claims that his horse died and needs a ride. The player can accept or decline the man's offer for a ride, but the man will steal the player's horse attempts to ride away. The player's horse will throw the man off (if its level is high enough or the player quickly whistles) or the player can shoot the man.

Bridge holdup

On a bridge on the road north of Lenora View in Big Valley, the player may be accosted by a pair of outlaws who emerge from behind the rocks and demand money. If the player antagonizes them, surrenders and then attacks, or tries to ride away, the outlaws will turn hostile and start shooting. Two more outlaws on horseback will also appear from the opposite end of the bridge and join the attack.

Uncle's Saloon Debacle

Occasionally, when passing Blackwater Saloon or Keane's Saloon in Valentine, the player will encounter a man threatening Uncle. The player will gain Honor if they intervene.

Attempted Assault

The player can encounter a black man crying for help around the Bayou Nwa. The man is injured and tells the protagonist that some men broke into his shack, and that he was able to get away but they got his wife. If the player accepts to help the man, the man will tell him where the shack is located. The protagonist tells the man to go get the law, and will see what he can do. When heading to the shack, a woman can be heard screaming. The two men inside the shack plan on murdering the man's wife and the player must kill the two men. The woman will ask the protagonist to untie her and thanks him for saving her life. She asks the protagonist to dispose of the bodies of the two men and after disposing them she will tell the player to take some money in a sack as a reward.

Random People

Blind Man Cassidy

On several occasions while traveling the player may encounter Blind Man Cassidy on the roadside, where he will ask the player for money. If the player gives him $1.00, Cassidy will give the player words of wisdom / tips that also may allude to later events in the game and the overall series.

Nigel (Gavin's Friend)

The player can encounter a man named Nigel in various locations, who is looking for his lost friend Gavin. With each encounter, Nigel will provide additional details, such as how Gavin is a Cockney and that he disappeared without a trace one night while Nigel slept. After his initial dialogue with the player, Nigel will proceed to wander through the town he was encountered in, repeatedly and desperately calling Gavin's name. By 1907, Nigel is still searching for Gavin, but is the worse for wear.

Mad Preacher

The Mad Preacher can be encountered randomly near most bodies of water across all territories. He is usually found ranting while standing in the water, and can be briefly spoken to by the player. He always has a small camp nearby, decorated with a wooden cross.


In Valentine, the player can encounter two men spying on a drunk couple acting intimate in a bedroom. When approaching the the two men, they will be spooked and run away. If the player decides to watch the drunk couple, the player will lose honor.

In Strawberry, the player can encounter two men spying on a woman. The player can choose to antagonist the men to get lost, this will raise the player's honor and the men will leave. If the player decides to spy on the woman, the player will lose honor. The woman will realizes that someone is watching her and will grab a shotgun. She will fire her shotgun at the player and will receive a bounty.


The player can encounter a Soothsayer in Bayou Nwa in Lemoyne. She asks the protagonist to come over and tells them about their future. If the player gives her $2.00 will give the player words of wisdom / tips that also may allude to later events in the game and the overall series.

Lost dog

At Emerald Ranch, a boy can be seen looking for his dog. The boy asks the player if he has seen his dog, and requests that the player helps him find it.

The dog can be found under a nearby water tower, and the player attempts to convince the dog to follow him. The boy is found waiting under a tree, and his dog appears to be unhappy to see him. The boy then insults the dog for running away. The dog then escapes again, causing the boy to chase after it. Despite the boy's efforts, he loses sight of his dog.

Hayden Russell

The player can encounter Hayden Russell at Clingman in Roanoke Ridge, a delusional former US Army captain who believes that the current date is April 14th, 1862 and the Civil War is still raging. When approaching him, Russell will point his Carbine Repeater at the player and ask them which side they are on, North or South. Russell apparently has amnesia and will forget the player's previous encounter with him.

Lost tourist

The player can encounter a tourist from New York in West Elizabeth who is lost on his way back to Strawberry. He asks the player for help, and thanks the protagonist after safely making it back.

Directionally-challenged drunk

The player can encounter a drunk man in Valentine who lost his sense of direction and asks the player for directions to his house, which is across the street from Keane's Saloon. The player can assist him for an increase in honor, in which case he returns home and is forced to sleep outside by his angry wife, or mislead him for a decrease in honor, in which case he wanders off in the wrong direction. He will think the Valentine Stable is his house and try to cuddle with a horse's rear, thinking it is his wife. The horse will kick him, killing the man. This man can be re-encountered later on, and the same choice is presented.

Occasionally, the bartender of Keane's Saloon may describe this man and ask if the player has seen him recently, since he frequently gets lost.

Destitute war veterans

In Valentine, outside the gunsmith, the player can occasionally encounter Mickey, an alcoholic who claims to have been a Union soldier in the Civil War. The player can befriend Micky over subsequent encounters, and learn that he was not a soldier at all.

In Rhodes, outside the general store, the player can occasionally encounter Joe Butler, a Confederate soldier in the Civil War. The player can befriend Joe over subsequent encounters.


The player can encounter two men making moonshine at their camp and they will notice the player. One of the men tell the player that their last batch of moonshine failed. The man will ask if the player can help the find some ingredients for their moonshine and will reward the player for helping them. The player has the option to accept or decline. The man will ask if the player to find some Indian Tobacco to give flavor to their moonshine. If the player has some in their inventory or finds some in the surrounding area, the man will tell the player to put it in the still. The other man samples the moonshine but states that the moonshine is not very tasty, but is sharp in flavor. The man will thank the player for helping them and tell the player to help themselves to whatever is in their chest. There will be Aged Pirate Rum and Moonshine in the chest. Helping the men will raise the player's honor.

Treasure hunter with High Stakes Treasure Map

The player can encounter a treasure hunter with the High Stakes Treasure Map. The man will be looking at the map for the next clue. If the player greets or approaches, he will quickly close the map and will get on his horse. If the player hogties or kill him they will obtain the treasure map and will lose honor when looting him.

Heartbroken stone-thrower

On the edge of the Dakota River, Morgan may find a man skipping stones while ranting about a woman called "Lily-May". Morgan can either give the man advice to be a good man and she will come, or antagonize him. Later on in the Epilogue, Marston may run into the same man where he will reveal that he got with Lily-May, but she turned out to be emotionally abusive. He goes on to mention that Arthur's advice ruined his life.

Conman in hiding in Strawberry

The player can encounter a man in Strawberry looking for someone and seems frustrated. The man will notice the player and ask for help. The man states that a conman sold him a fake serum claimed to have been made from rhino horn for a little problem the man is having. The player can accept or decline helping him. If the player accepts the player will have to search for the conman in Strawberry. The player can find the conman inside a outhouse and hiding inside the toilet. The player will confront the conman and the conman admits he has been scamming people and not to tell the man where he is located. The player can tell the man where the conman is located or mislead the man. If the player tells the man, the man will confront the conman and drown him in the toilet.

Braithwaite trespasses on Caliga Hall

The player can encounter two Gray members shooting at a Braithwaite for trespassing on their tobacco field. The Braithwaite is seen running away from them. The player can help the Grays capture the Braithwaite or help the Braithwaite escape.

If the player helps the Grays, the Braithwaite will express his anger at the player and one of the Grays thanks him. The Gray member will execute the Braithwaite and disposes his body on the Braithwaite's property.

This will always occur the first time the player approaches the entrance to Caliga Hall.


The player can encounter a shipwreck south of Flatneck Station or near the Van Horn Trading Post. The player will find a small boat flipped over with its supplies and man that appear to be dead (a "X" symbol is seen on the map). If the player loots the man, he will find that the man is still alive. The man then gives the player a love letter addressed to Bonnie MacFarlane and dies soon after. The player can loot a chest near the boat for goods.

Fistfight challenge

In Van Horn Trading Post only, the player may witness two men fighting, unarmed. Afterwards, the winner will challenge everyone else to a fight, which the player can accept. Beware, though, that the residents in Van Horn may begin shooting at the player afterwards.

Smithfield's Saloon fight

The player can encounter a fight between two men near Smithfield's Saloon in Valentine. One of men is angry at the other man for kissing his wife.

Reverend Peter Fotheringham

Reverend Peter Fotheringham can occasionally be encountered on a street corner in Strawberry. He repeatedly claims that people can be saved and reside together with him for eternity simply by expressing a desire to be saved. The player can speak with him, and when asked if they want to be saved, choose to answer yes or no.

Lenora View owner's fatal accident

When traveling the road just south of Lenora View during the day, a man will beckon the player to come look over the edge of the cliff that the road runs along. When spoken to, the man will explain that the owner of Lenora View apparently lost control of his wagon and drove off the cliff to his death. He will point out the wreckage and corpse before riding away to tell the authorities in Strawberry.

Saint Denis City Life

Back alley mugging

At night in Saint Denis, the player may encounter someone in front of an alley entrance who calls them over. As the man is approached, he will ask if the player wants to make a lot of money very quickly, and then beckon the player to follow him into the alley. At this point the player can walk on and ignore him, or follow him. If he is followed into the alley, a second man will knock the player out from behind. The two muggers will then rifle through the player's pockets and mock the player's gullibility. The player will wake up sometime later in the Saint Denis cemetery with their health core depleted and around 25% of their money gone.

French couple robbed

At night in Saint Denis, the player can encounter a man attempting to rob a women's purse. The man and the women struggle while the husband stands and watches. If the player does nothing, the robber will shoot the women in the chest and will lose honor. The husband now a widower, mourns her death and takes the body to bury her.


In Saint Denis, the player can encounter a blind beggar on the sidewalk. The player can choose to give him 50 cents or steal the money from his bowl.

Also in Saint Denis, the player can encounter a drunk beggar on the sidewalk. If the player gives him 25 cents, he will give the player a bottle of ginseng tonic and a robbery lead: a backroom poker game is being run at the city's gunsmith.

Street urchin robbery

Two kids in Saint Denis will rudely insult the player, who can antagonize them or greet them. The two street urchins run away and, if the player chases after them, they will encounter a large group of street urchins armed with guns, and they demand that the player hands over the money. The player can either try to gun them down and escape, or simply surrender their money.

Doyle's Tavern rat infestation

The player can encounter the bartender outside Doyle's Tavern in Saint Denis and he calls out to the player. He tells the player that rats have infested his tavern and will pay the player to get rid of rats. The player will have to kill all of the rats inside the tavern. After killing the rats, the bartender will give the player either $13 or $8 dollars (depending on if the interior was damaged). This encounter can be repeated for the same reward. Notably, the encounter resembles the Canis Canem Edit-Mission Rats in the Library.

Police brutality

A Saint Denis policeman will be chasing after a suspect for stealing. The suspect will eventually stop and surrenders. The suspect will apologize for stealing, but the lawman decides to punch him and the suspect is knocked out. The player can question the lawman's actions or antagonize him.

Jeering men

As the player passes an alley entrance in Saint Denis, he may be accosted by a pair of well-dressed men who insult the player's own clothing and appearance. The player can ignore them, in which case they can be heard gloating that they scared the player off, or antagonize them, which will start a fight.

Dorothea Wicklow

In Saint Denis, the player may occasionally run into a Dorothea Wicklow protesting for women to gain the right to vote. After chanting slogans, the player can speak to her. In one encounter, he suffragette will ask the player's opinion on allowing women to vote, and the player will respond that he is fine with it, but does not see the value in voting. In another encounter, the suffragette will claim that the first female president will surely be elected "in ten years or so", and women will do a better job of running the country than men; the player will say he hopes she is right.

Man splashed by passing wagon

In Saint Denis, a man will be speaking with an acquaintance on a sidewalk near a muddy street puddle. As a wagon passes by, the second man will shout for the first man to look out, but is too late to prevent the first man from being splashed by the wagon. The unfortunate man will walk away, muttering about how his ruined clothes had been brand-new.

An abrupt end to an argument

In Saint Denis, two men will be loudly arguing on the sidewalk beneath a balcony on one of the city's poorer streets. A woman, upset at the racket, will appear on the balcony and empty a chamberpot onto the men while berating them. The men will wander off, disgusted and humiliated.

Chelonian spokesman

In Saint Denis, the player may encounter Anders Helgerson a spokesman and leader of the Chelonia cult. Helgerson will offer a Chelonian Handbill, which the player may choose to accept or reject.

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