(Annie Stoakes is in the Bank in Brimstone, arguing with bank manager Carnaby Peabody.)

Annie: I just need one more week. I can pay you the $5000 that I owe, but the governor is driving my ranch hands to leave and I just can't do it by myself.



Peabody (gesturing to the picture of Governor Griffon on the wall): I don't think the owner of the bank would approve.

Annie: To hell with that son of a bitch. He's lined his pockets with enough gold from that mine. What the hell does he need with my ranch?

(Annie storms out, bumping into Red Harlow on the way.)

Red: Ma'am.

Peabody: Sorry about that. What can I do for you?

Red: I want my money.

Peabody: We have a small problem.

Red: Then tell me about the gold in Bear Mountain that young lady was talking about.

Peabody: We can't disclose the details of our customers.

Red: Tell me where she lives and when I get back you better have my gold.

(Annie arrives at her ranch to find a note tacked to a post by the entrance.)

Note (read aloud by Annie): Sorry, Annie, but the governor made us a better offer. Good luck, Sam.

Annie: God, not you too, Sam!

(Annie drives off several Jethros. Red Harlow approaches the ranch.)

Red: Ma'am.

Annie: Do I know you, stranger?

Red: Tell me about the gold mine in Bear Mountain.

Annie: I know nothin' about a gold mine. You might want to take a trip down to the saloon in Brimstone. It's always littered with a bunch of drunks yappin' about it. But watch yourself, mister. You don't want no business with the folls of that town.

Annie: This place is all I've ever known.

Red:(handing a Battle Royale flier to Annie): Ma'am.

Annie: 5000 pieces of gold? This'll help me keep my ranch. Can you help me?

(Red walks out.)

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