When I first met this "Rat" fella, it was clear that he was not very bright. Perhaps the bullet hole that he has in his Infantry Hat might have something to do with it. It seems that he still wears the same old hat, he is probably sentimental.

Sheriff Bartlett's Journal

Rat Chavez is a minor character in Red Dead Revolver.

This character is not available in Showdown Mode, however he has three recoloured character models.



Nothing is known of Chavez's background, other than that he works in Griffon's private army and that he got shot through his hat during the war. Possibly Civil War. Like with most NPC's in the game, he is more of a character type than a specific individual.

Events of Red Dead Revolver

Chavez is encountered many times as an enemy during the three last missions of the game when Red Harlow, Jack Swift and Annie Stoakes assault Governor Griffon's Mansion.

He is encountered outside and inside the mansion. He is killed during the events of the game.

His character model can specifically be seen standing next to the Governor himself during the last mission with Mad Dog Jones, pointing his rifle at Harlow and Buffalo Soldier.

Mission Appearances

Red Dead Revolver

Sheriff Bartlett's Journal

His page can be unlocked after the player purchases the Infantry Hat, hence his journal description.


Special delivery!
Chavez melee attacking
Oh damn!
Chavez when killed
It burns! Hot, hot! Burns everywhere, hot!
Chavez when hit with a Fire Bottle


  • He shares some of his quotes with Greg Whitney.
  • He has the same head model as Ennio during the mission "Jailbreak".

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