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|name = {{PAGENAME}}
|image = [[File:Raudel.jpg|300px]]
|gender = Male
|affiliations = Federales
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a [[Multiplayer Characters|Multiplayer character]] featured in ''[[Red Dead Redemption]]''.
== Description ==
{{PAGENAME}} is one of the [[Federales]] characters that can be selected in the [[Outfitter]]. His character model is unlocked upon reaching [[Redemption Multiplayer|Multiplayer]] Level 50.
== Trivia ==
*Diaz seems to share the same outfit as [[Shep Thomas]], although with different coloring.
*He shares the same last name as [[Juan Diaz]], along with a similar facial appearance.
*Oddly, despite being a Federale, he does not wear a badge.
* A man with the same character design is seen during the [[Missions in Redemption#Landon Ricketts|mission]] [[Lucky in Love|"Lucky in Love"]], in which he is seen trying to discourage a [[prostitute]] from having a affair with him.
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[[Category:Redemption Characters]]
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[[Category:Multiplayer Characters]]

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