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Red Ben Clempson is a legendary bounty target featured in Red Dead Online.



Red Ben Clempson is an outlaw wanted for train robbery and murder. He is the leader of his own gang, the Red Ben Gang. He is known to be a skilled sharpshooter and he and his gang are considered dangerous.

Events of Red Dead Online

The player must track him down in New Austin on a train that he and his gang recently hijacked and were last seen.


  • In order to avoid accidentally killing Ben, players should consider stopping the train before disembarking as the fall from a moving train can kill Ben.
  • Higher difficulties starting from four stars will feature multiple targets that all have to be taken in, however, they do not have to be alive. Also, like with some other legendary bounties on five stars, enemies except the targets will not show up on the minimap.
  • Red Ben may be a reference to real-life outlaw and gunfighter Ben Thompson.
  • Despite being shown holding a Schofield Revolver in his introduction, he wields a Cattleman Revolver in combat.
  • He has a unique holster for his revolver.
  • Red Ben Clempson can give a big payout especially when his difficulty is 5 it changes on the time but it is known that he pays more than $300 when on max difficulty and when on 3 difficulty it is over $200.
  • If the player brings Red Ben Clempson back to Yellow Bill alive, a unique dialogue will occur, with Ben claiming that he knew it was him who snitched; and Bill swears that he hasn't told anything, but Ben does not believe him, and vows to return for him.

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Red Dead Online Legendary Bounty -9 - Red Ben Clempson (5-Star Difficulty - Solo)