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The content covered in this article is no longer available as of early 2012.

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Red Dead Redemption: Gunslingers was a free Facebook game created by Rockstar Games in early 2010 to help promote the release of Red Dead Redemption that May. Changes to the Facebook platform led to Rockstar terminating the game in 2012.[1]


Gunslingers was a dueling game with RPG elements in which players compete one-on-one to gain experience points and achievements. It was only accessible by users eighteen years or older with a Facebook account. The original URL (no longer valid as of early 2012) was


When a player challenges another player, the game calculates the battle with a semi-random outcome, influenced by player class and any spent skill points. Even the weakest player can win against the strongest, but the chances are very slim.

The player can only gain experience in Duels. By defeating an opponent of a higher level in a duel, the player will receive more experience than usual. If the opponent is of a lower level, the reverse will happen. Both players receive experience points for dueling, with the winner receiving a larger amount. After receiving enough experience, the player will level up. Players can also form posses and fellow posse members will get a bonus experience point each time the player wins a Duel.

Leveling up will grant the player extra skill points to spend as the player wishes. More skill points will be earned when at a higher level. Experience points can be spent in the following categories:

  • Attack - Will grant the player extra damage when he hits a target
  • Dodge - Will lower damage incurred by making the enemy hit less vital areas, or evade damage altogether.
  • Health - Will heighten the player's base health, increasing survivability
  • Stamina - Will allow the player to do more duels per day.

Players can gain bonus skill points in Shootouts, and by linking a Rockstar Social Club account to the Gunslingers account, as well as by registering a copy of Red Dead Redemption with Social Club.

Spending too many points in the stamina stat (which does not affect the power of the character) will make the character significantly weaker than other characters of the same, or even of a lower level.

A duel costs 20 stamina. This amount is absolute.


There were two available modes of fighting in this game.


There were three available character classes:


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