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For the game, see Red Dead Redemption.

Red Dead Redemption is a mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. It is the final mission of Chapter 6 and also the final mission that the player controls the primary protagonist, Arthur Morgan.

Mission Overview

With John assumed dead, and Abigail captured by Pinkertons, Dutch cuts them loose, and rides for Beaver Hollow. Arthur and Sadie head to Van Horn to rescue Abigail.


As the gang are riding away from the train robbery, they run into Tilly Jackson, who informs them that Abigail has been captured by Agent Milton. Due in part to some persuasion from Micah, Dutch refuses to rescue her and, along with most of the others, rides back to Beaver Hollow. Arthur gives Tilly a sack of the money, after which he and Sadie set off to rescue Abigail. As they ride, Arthur expresses his horror at how Dutch and the gang have changed, as well as the deaths of various gang members that have happened recently.

Upon reaching Van Horn, Sadie requests that Arthur takes up a position at the top of the lighthouse with a sniper rifle, and despite initially objecting, Arthur does so. Sadie and Arthur manage to eliminate the various Pinkertons; Sadie eventually reaches Milton’s domain, only to be taken hostage by him. Arthur follows and eventually reaches the building. He begins to release Abigail but is held at gunpoint by Milton, who reveals that Micah has been working as a mole for the Pinkertons ever since the gang's return from Guarma. Arthur tries to wrestle Milton’s revolver off him, but struggles due to his Tuberculosis, resulting in Milton pointing the gun at Arthur and preparing to execute him. Meanwhile, Abigail manages to break free, picks up Sadie's revolver, and shoots Milton in the temple with it, killing him and saving Arthur’s life. With Milton's death, the three escape Van Horn.

At some point during the ride, Arthur stops and tells the two women that he wants to go back to confront the others, while sending Abigail and Sadie to Copperhead Landing to re-unite with Jack. On the way to Beaver Hollow, the song "That’s The Way It Is" plays, with various quotes throughout the game being remembered by Arthur.

Upon reaching Beaver Hollow, Arthur informs the others that Milton is dead and that Micah is the traitor. Micah strongly denies this, while Dutch remains silent. As the tensions continue to rise, John arrives, revealing that Dutch left him to die during the robbery. Arthur tells the gang’s members to choose their side; Micah tells him to be quiet, but Susan Grimshaw sides with Arthur and John, and points a shotgun at Micah, demanding that he put his guns down. Immediately afterwards, Javier announces that Pinkertons are closing in; this momentarily distracts Susan, who is shot dead by Micah when her guard is down. Dutch then takes out his own pair of revolvers, demanding to know who is “with” him and who is “betraying” him. Eventually, most of the gang unites behind Dutch and Micah against Arthur and John, holding the pair at gunpoint. Before any shooting can happen, Pinkertons led by Milton’s former subordinate Agent Ross attack the camp, causing the gang to flee in different directions.

Arthur and John escape through the caves, with Pinkertons on their tail. Arthur reveals to John that his family are safe at Copperhead Landing and that Micah betrayed the gang. The duo mount their horses and escape, pursued by Dutch and the others. Eventually, their horses are shot from under them and the two climb up the mountains on foot. After some climbing, Arthur tells John that he might return to the camp to retrieve the money, as Abigail gave him the key to Dutch’s chest. John says that he would rather go back to his family, and so the player is left with two options:

Help John to escape: John and Arthur continue going over the mountains, until Arthur tells John that he can’t go any further (due to his increasingly-advanced Tuberculosis). John is reluctant to leave Arthur’s side, but eventually does so after persuasion from Arthur, calling him his "brother". After holding off some Pinkertons, Arthur is tackled to the ground by Micah and the two engage in a lengthy brawl. By the end, both men are badly beaten, and Arthur pistol-whips Micah with his revolver but loses his grip on it in the process. Arthur crawls towards it in order to shoot Micah, but is prevented from doing so by Dutch, who steps on it. Arthur states again that Micah was the rat, that he gave all he had for the gang and that John was the only one who "made it". Dutch walks away from the scene, leaving both Arthur and Micah behind. The subsequent scene depends on the player's Honor.

  • High Honor: After Dutch's departure, Micah angrily walks away, leaving Arthur to die. Arthur then crawls to the edge of the cliff and watches one last sunrise before succumbing to his illness, his injuries, and exhaustion.
  • Low Honor: Micah approaches Arthur while aiming a revolver at his head, vengefully claiming that he is not any better. Micah then shoots Arthur in the forehead, killing him instantly, before laughing, spitting on his corpse, and leaving.

Go back for the money: Arthur bids John farewell and gives him all of his possessions, before heading back to Beaver Hollow. After fighting his way past Pinkertons, he enters the cave at the site and finds a huge sack of money from Dutch’s chest. However, as he exits the caves, he is suddenly attacked by Micah and stabbed in the side with his own knife. After wrestling Micah off of him and taking back his knife, Micah takes out his own blade and the two engage in a knife fight. This can end in two ways, depending on the player's Honor.

  • High Honor: Eventually, Arthur manages to slash Micah’s left eye, blinding it and leaving a terrible scar. Enraged, Micah tackles Arthur to the ground and tries to stab him, but Arthur bites his hand and punches him, forcing Micah off. Dutch then arrives and breaks up the fight, but after Arthur re-iterates that Micah is the traitor, Dutch leaves both of them behind. Micah also leaves, and is seen taking the money sack which Arthur took from the caves. Arthur is left to die, and watches his final sunrise before succumbing to his illness, the injuries he had sustained, and exhaustion.
  • Low Honor: Arthur loses his balance during the fight, and after a hostile exchange of words, Micah tackles Arthur to the ground and stabs him in the chest. Micah proceeds to sink the knife deeper into Arthur, but Dutch arrives and stops him from doing so. Arthur pleads Dutch to kill Micah, reminding him that he is the true traitor, but Dutch merely abandons the two men. With Arthur and Micah left together, Arthur begins to crawl away, but Micah approaches him with a knife in hand and finishes Arthur off by stabbing him in the back.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Get 7 headshots while covering Sadie from the lighthouse.
  • After Sadie is captured, reach Abigail and Sadie within 1 minute.
  • Complete with at least 70% accuracy.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.

Mission failure

The mission will fail if the player:

  • Assault, kills, or abandons Sadie;
  • Allows Sadie to be killed;
  • Assaults, kills, or abandons Abigail;
  • Allows Abigail to be killed;
  • Assault, kills, or abandons John;
  • Allows John to be killed;
  • Kills their horse;
  • Dies.


  • Andrew Milton - Shot in the head by Abigail Roberts during the struggle between him and Arthur.
  • Susan Grimshaw - Killed by Micah Bell in response to threatening him when he is exposed as a traitor by Arthur.
  • Arthur Morgan - Multiple possible deaths dependent on the chosen course of action and Honor level.
    • Killed by Micah via a stab in the back (low honor and chose to return for the money)
    • Killed by Micah via a gunshot to the forehead (low Honor, helped John get to safety)
    • Tuberculosis and exhaustion (high Honor, both scenarios)
  • Pinkerton agents - Killed by various members of the Van der Linde gang.


  • Arthur’s Honor will heavily impact his last ride as well as his death. Should Arthur have high Honor, the song “That‘s The Way It Is” will be more somber and emotional while more positive dialogue is recalled while reflecting on Arthur’s life. Regardless of his choice, Arthur is left at the scene to die, watching one final sunrise before a vision of a buck appears, heading off into the sunshine as he dies. However, if Arthur’s Honor was low, the song will be darker in tone, while the quotes reflecting Arthur’s life will be more negative and his death will be at the hands of Micah in both endings; one more vision of a black coyote is shown on-screen, in the middle of a thunderstorm retreating into a cave. In either case, a version of "Crash of Worlds" will play depending on the player's Honor (see "Background Music Played in the Mission").
    • Arthur's Honor also has a minor impact on his optional dialogue while riding with Sadie to save Abigail from the Pinkertons. If he has high Honor, he will apologize to Sadie for getting her into the gang's mess and blame himself for presumably failing his plan of securing a future for John and his family. If he has low Honor, he tells Sadie how Dutch critized Arthur a few years ago for robbing a poor man's house, but now seeing that Dutch has turned into the very thing he despised and that he and Micah only care about getting rich. He will also talk about stealing the gang's hidden money stash, with Sadie reminding Arthur they still need to save Abigail first. Arthur will sound a lot more angry and less composed in the low Honor route.
  • After the cutscene in which Milton is killed, the player can return to the Van Horn Fence and loot Milton's body as well as pick up his hat. No unique items can be retrieved from the corpse, only random valuables, and if the player chooses to wear Milton's hat, it will automatically be swept from Arthur's head shortly before the next cutscene trigger-point in which Arthur will place on his personal hat for his final ride.
  • If restarting this mission via the Progress part of the main menu, players will not have any of the core bonuses there but will have some weapons there that are only available during the epilogue. Players are advised to be careful during the rescue part in Van Horn Trading Post as majority of enemies have high powered weapons.
    • However, as of the 1.15 update, the player will retain their stats, 3 of each kind of Tonics (excluding Cocaine Gum and Chewing Tobacco, which will have 10 of each), maximum ammunition for each weapon, and their current horse chosen before replaying this mission. This makes achieving a Gold Medal easier (perhaps more so than the first time around if the player has increased stats).
  • After this mission, all of Arthur’s weapons and clothing will be transferred to John except his money. It is therefore advised that, if players have any unused treasure maps or valuables, they should refrain from using and selling them respectively until the epilogue.
    • If the special encounter at the Aberdeen Pig Farm has not already been completed, it is possible to pass Arthur's money to John by allowing Arthur to be robbed before the mission "Our Best Selves", then retrieving the money as John in the Epilogue.
  • Any horses Arthur owns that are in the stables will disappear and be lost after this mission.
  • If played normally through the story and leaving at any point of the mission, players will need to restart from "Our Best Selves" as it will automatically continue into "Red Dead Redemption".

Lines recalled from previous missions

High Honor

Low Honor

Video Walkthroughs

Background Music Played in the Mission

  • "That's the Way It Is (High Honor)"[1][2]
  • "That's the Way It Is (Low Honor)"[1][3]
  • "It All Makes Sense Now" - The first part is played when Arthur has a final confrontation with Micah and the Van der Linde gang and things start getting tense; the second part plays when the Pinkertons unleash their assault on Beaver Hollow and Arthur and John flee for their lives (it also plays earlier in the mission when Arthur and Sadie head out to rescue Abigail in Van Horn); and the third part plays when Arthur mourns his fallen horse that had been killed during the assault.
  • "Red Dead Redemption A" - Played during the attack on Grizzlies East that culminates in a fistfight with Micah if Arthur chooses to "Go with John".[4]
  • "Red Dead Redemption B" - Played during Arthur's final struggle to reach for the revolver that had been knocked away from him if he chose to "Go with John".[5]
  • "Mountain Finale" - Played during Arthur's knife fight with Micah if the former chose to "Go for the loot".
  • "Crash of Worlds (High Honor)"[6][7]
  • "Crash of Worlds (Low Honor)"[6][3]


  • After Arthur and John leave the caves at Beaver Hollow, Cleet and Joe appear as enemies on the mini-map, although Dutch and Micah do not. All four can be shot, as well as their horses, though they cannot be locked onto. Their vital spots will also appear in Dead Eye. However, no matter where or how many times they are hit, none can be killed; they're also unaffected by dynamite.[8]
  • Bill and Javier are not seen after the player regains control of Arthur during the Pinkerton ambush at Beaver Hollow. It is impossible to see them leaving and they never appear on the minimap as allies, unlike the rest of the gang. Their sudden disappearance is likely meant to imply that they chose to flee instead of fight alongside Dutch against the Pinkertons.
  • If Arthur’s horse has reached at least level 3 horse bonding, a scene will play after the small shootout when the horses are shot where Arthur runs to his horse and comforts it before its death.
  • Whether Arthur is wearing a hat or not before his last ride, he will always put his default hat on before the ride back to camp. If Arthur has a hat on, even if it's the default, it will automatically be shot off during the escape from Van Horn.
  • During this mission, the red patch around Roanoke Ridge and its towns, Bayou Nwa and the surroundings of Saint Denis and Blackwater will be gone.
  • Before the Pinkerton ambush at Beaver Hollow it is possible to see the silhouettes of the agents from distance.[9]
  • During the shootout with the Pinkertons, Micah aims the gun at the agents but won't actually shoot at them, whilst the other gang members do.
  • If the player goes with John, this is the only mission in which Arthur's voice cracks into falsetto due to his sickness (occurs while Arthur is crawling for Micah's revolver).
  • Micah forgets one of his guns in the high honor ending, (if the player helps John escape), however, he has both in "American Venom".
  • In the fistfight between Arthur and Micah, if Arthur chose to go with John, four cutscenes can play if the player loses to Micah. In the first one, when struggling to stand up, Micah punches Arthur until he falls to his knees before delivering a final blow. The second happens while Arthur is pinned to the wall and Micah will throw him to the ground before swearing he'll go after John as well, subsequently ending with him choking Arthur. The third one happens when forced to the ground, Micah punches Arthur numerous times and tells him that he heard enough of his "yapping"; he then proceeds to stomp on Arthur's face. The fourth one is if Arthur fails to crawl to Micah's gun, Micah will reach Arthur and will strangle him and then smash his face against the ground, saying, "You lost, Black Lung!" If Arthur chose to go back for the money but fails the prompt button when Micah attempts to stab Arthur near the end, depending on his Honor, if it is low, he will say "Bye bye, Arthur" before stabbing him in the chest. He then says that "it's been quite a ride" before stabbing him again and bumping the knife deeper into him. If his Honor is high, he will just simply plunge the knife into his chest.
    • These will all result in a mission failure and restart the player from before whichever section of the fight.
  • If Arthur chooses to return for the money a glitch may occur where it is possible to kill Micah during the knife fight. The player must avoid getting hit by Bell while stabbing him until he dies. He can be looted although the player cannot leave the area or progress forward.[10]
  • It is possible to loot Susan's corpse, which will result in a loss of honor.[11]


Completing this mission contributes toward the following Trophies/Achievements:

30 gamerscoregamerscore
Silver silversilver
Complete Red Dead Redemption.

100 gamerscoregamerscore
Gold goldgold
Attain 100% Completion.


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