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These are the list of content cut from Red Dead Redemption 2 during development.


  • In the game files, there is an unused character named Sheriff Owens.[1]
  • In the game files, there are is an unused Gray family member. His name is Adam Gray.[2]
  • Nathan Kirk had hair instead of being bald.
  • There is an unused character named Featherstone Chambers.[3] Of note, Dutch van der Linde uses this name as a pseudonym in the mission "The Gilded Cage" in the final game.
  • There is an unused character name Dale Maroney.[4]
  • There is an unused character Nial Whelan.[5]
  • There is an unused model of the mentioned character named Archibald Jameson.[6]
  • There is an unused character named Dr. Higgins.[7]
  • There is an unused Acrobat performer.[8]
  • There is an unused bounty hunting target named Doc Wormwood.[9]
  • There is an unused character named Mr. Pattison.[10]
  • There is an unused homestead robbery character.[11]
  • In the game files, Hector Fellowes had a wife. His wife's ped model can be found but was unused from the game.[12]
  • Frank Heck was meant to be a subject in the stranger side mission "The Noblest of Men, and a Woman". His model is within the game files but was left unused.[13]
  • There is an unused PED model for Seth Briars for Red Dead Online found in the game files.
  • There are two unused Chez Porter sons, however, they are the same model.[14] [15]
  • There is a unused female character that was part of "Oh, Brother" stranger mission.[16]
  • Bill and Lenny were originally supposed to be part of the mission "Pouring Forth Oil IV".
  • Bill was originally supposed to be part of the mission "Country Pursuits" instead of Dutch.
  • In the game files Molly originally was going to be buried in a unmarked grave instead of her body being burned. The texture of grave, location coordinates and model exist in the game files. It can be spawned with mods.[17]


  • Willard's Rest was originally called "Rocky Seven".
  • Cumberland Falls was supposed to be named "Cunson Landing".
  • There was mean't to be a location in Roanoke Ridge called "Tallulah Jetty".
  • The grass color in The Heartlands was supposed to be yellow and not green.
  • Ambarino was supposed to be smaller with only the northern and southern portions being explorable.
  • Millesani Claim was supposed to be located in Big Valley instead of in Grizzlies West.
  • Bluewater Marsh was supposed to be named "Bluegill Marsh."
  • There were meant to be two locations in Ambarino called "Iron Cloud" and "Cohutta".
  • Nekoti Rock and Cochinay were meant to be the same as they were in the first game.
  • Tempest Rim was meant to be accessible.
  • Clemen's Cove was supposed to be called "Clearing Cove."
  • The Mexico portion of the red train line from the first game was meant to be included. Same goes for the entire blue train line.
  • Doverhill was meant to be located in the Cumberland Forest.
  • Guarma was meant to be larger and was supposed to be a place the player could go back to in the Epilogue.
  • Saint Denis was supposed to be named "New Bordeaux". The name would be eventually be used in Mafia III.
  • The barn for Beecher's Hope was at one point was suppose to be under construction, but is instead completed in the game.
  • The Aberdeen Pig Farm was originally meant to be located in the Heartlands instead of being in Scarlett Meadows.
  • Clingman was meant to be located in the Cumberland Forest.
  • Granite Pass was meant to be called "Granni Pass".
  • Mayor Nicholas Timmins house has an inaccessible interior.
  • There was supposed to be a location in Bayou Nwa called "Criard Slaughterhouse."
  • At the Van Horn Trading Post, there was a rope bridge that the player could cross to get to the lighthouse but was removed from the game. The bridge still exists in the game files and can still be spawned through mods and the bridge can also be seen in a loading screen picture of the lighthouse. [18]


  • There was a collectible animal skin painting that depicted a massacre of Native Americans by settlers, connected to the curse of Valentine.
  • There were supposed to be more trinkets in the game, but they were cut before the release of the game.
  • Some of the cut trinkets still spawn in game. The Bull Horn Trinket can be found in a chest inside the Blackwater Sheriff's Office. The Rhodes Fence has the Squirrel Tooth Trinket, Frog Legs Trinket and Turtle Shell Trinket. The Turtle Shell Trinket was released when the game came out for PC. [19]
  • The cut Squirrel Tooth trinket was actually used for the UI picture for "Private" lobbies for the online mode pre Red Dead Online. [19]

Item requests

  • Josiah was supposed to request a Eagle Talon.
  • Strauss was supposed to request reading glasses.


  • There originally was supposed to be a Bobcat in the game, but was cut out during development.
  • Sharks were supposed to be in the compendium, but it was also cut out during development.
  • Supposedly, jaguars and mule deer were meant to be in the game, but were cut out.
  • The Loch Ness Monster Easter Egg from GTA Online's Cayo Perico Heist DLC could possibly be the cut River Monster from RDR2.
  • The audio for the River Monster remains in the game files and can be accessed.
  • The Legendary Channel Catfish was meant to be catchable, but its model was left unused.

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