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Journal Entries

I am relatively new to this Wiki and have been making contributions. Specifically, I have been adding notes to mission pages on how they have an effect on Arthur's Journal, not the whole text of the entry, just how many pages he adds to the Journal and how it may differ depending what was done in the mission. I really like the Journal feature of this game, myself. Not all missions create Journal entries, and I personally, would use such information in my play throughs, and I would expect that sort of information would be found in a Wiki on RDR2.

However, one of my edits was recently removed from "A Test of Faith", by a member of the administration here, with the comment: "Writing in the journal after (or, with strangers, during the course of) missions is not uncommon".

My issue with this is: Yes, it is not uncommon, but it does not happen with all missions, nor all strangers. If Red Dead Wiki is to be no different than the multitude of simplistic online strategy guides, I could see the point in not including it, but I would think someone would seek out this important resource for exactly something like that.

I am but a lowly user and editor, and shall refrain from such edits unless the administration here decides otherwise. -Thedarkgreenmeme


  • While I do understand (and agree with, ultimately) your argument that the wiki should hold as much information possible, I’m not totally convinced that it’s a noteworthy thing to add. Each mission having a trivia point like: "After completing this mission, Arthur will write one page about it in his journal" or "Upon completion, Arthur will proceed to write two pages about this mission in his journal" etc. would be fairly unnecessary. While it does vary, like you said, I don’t believe it’s an important detail to note.
Instead, it would be better to add a screenshot to the gallery of what the protagonist writes in the journal in a similar manner to points of interest pages, like this. What the protagonist writes in their journal might be good, insightful information for many people, but how many pages are written is insignificant in comparison. TLDR; I oppose the idea of noting how many pages are written, although I am open to other ways of conveying the information, such as a screenshot. Thanks for bringing it up, and for your work around here generally. Wagwan piffting23 (talk) 16:00, April 3, 2020 (UTC)


Page suffixes

Over on the Civilization Games Wiki we append nearly every page with a suffix, for example Knight (Civ1), which is a unit in the first Civilization game. I suggest we do the same here. It's really helpful for clarifying which game a page is in reference to, and help keep things organized as well. Possible suffixes: Red Dead Revolver: (Rev), Red Dead Redemption: (RDR), Red Dead Redemption 2: (RDR2). Exitwound 45 (talk) 02:31, February 12, 2019 (UTC)


  • While I would normally agree with the idea, the rest of staff are discussing just merging all the pages this suggestion would affect. -Kerbert27

Revise and Repeal Rules

As you know, this wiki has grown quite a lot since it's inception. Multiple parts of the wiki has grown over time. However, one part that hasn't grown is the rules. Many rules are either outdated or no longer apply due to changes to Wikia. Other rules must be repealed, as they do not harm this wiki and would only serve the possibility of harming other wiki's.

One rule I ask to be repealed is Don't Delete Discussions. This rule was one of the first rules to the wiki, being made in April 2010. It's extremely outdated, as talk pages haven't been used on the wiki for years. It is also pointless to revise it for Discussions, as they have their own set of rules.

The rule I ask to be repealed or possibly revised is the no advertising rule. This rule can hurt the growth of other services. While some users would intend to take advantage of this, others would use it to grow their own wiki's or services. Many wiki's or servers, such as roleplay themed services, would not only benefit from advertising here, but they'd also benefit us. If they gained popularity from advertising here, new users would eventually start there and work their way here. In order to stop users from taking advantage of this, I propose to simply revise it. The revised edition would state that a user needs permission from staff to advertise. Steven James (talk) 16:17, February 3, 2019 (UTC)


  • I would just like to add that advertising is already allowed to an extent on the discussions, and that this rule only applies to the Discord Server.-Kerbert27
  • Kerb summed it up already, the rule only applies to the Discord server so there's really no need to change the rule. Linus Spacehead (Complaint Department) 00:07, February 4, 2019 (UTC)
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