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Reeeeal Good
Reeeeal Good.jpg
Description Get 25 dynamite kills with Pig Josh.
Gamer Score 10 gamerscoregamerscore
Trophy Type Bronze bronzebronze
Downloadable content Legends and Killers

Reeeeal Good is an achievement/trophy in the Red Dead Redemption Legends and Killers DLC pack.


Get 25 dynamite kills with Pig Josh.


In order to get this trophy/achievement, the player must first select Pig Josh as the playable character within the Outfitter. Then the player must kill 25 human controlled enemies (not NPCs). It does not matter if this is done in public or private mode as long as the kills are against actual humans.

Tips and Tricks

  • An easy way to get this trophy is to do it in FFA matches, where dynamite is much easier to come by (in a chest on the Armadillo map, for example). Keep in mind that even though dynamite is part of the loadout in Stronghold matches and is available in Team matches, kills in those game modes would not count since the player's character is switched from Pig Josh to a team-based character during those modes.
  • Another way to obtain this achievement is to occupy El Presidio and use the cannons to kill human controlled players. The explosions count toward the achievement the same as dynamite.
  • Go into a private free roam session and ask a friend to stand still while you kill them (and get them to kill you when you are out of dynamite).


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