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You just can't stop running your mouth, can you?
Reid Hixon to Lemuel Fike

Reid Hixon is a major character featured in Red Dead Online. He serves as the main antagonist of the Moonshiners DLC.



Reid Hixon is a high-ranked official in the U.S. Bureau of Revenue. The longtime nemesis of Maggie Fike, he is responsible for destroying her moonshine business and almost killing her during a raid in 1892. Hixon set Maggie's shack on fire and forced her inside as it was burning, though she survived the incident and was left disfigured.

Events of Red Dead Online

A Life of 'Shine

In 1898, Maggie resumes moonshine production, aided by her nephew Lemuel Fike and the protagonist. Hixon is first encountered by the protagonist and Lem as they are unloading supplies at the port of Annesburg. He emerges from a train car and declares his intention to have the bootleggers arrested before ordering his agents to attack. The assault is repelled, however, and while Hixon is forced to break off the pursuit, he promises to put an end to their moonshine operation.

Later, Maggie arranges a meeting with their rivals, Bartholomew Braithwaite and Danny-Lee Caton, and has Lem anonymously tip off Hixon. When Danny-Lee and Bartholomew arrive to find Lem and the protagonist absent, they are quickly held at gunpoint by revenue agents. Danny-Lee is arrested while Bartholomew bribes Hixon to let him go. The agents also capture the protagonist and Lem, who were hiding nearby, but they escape after Lem accidentally shoots a wagon full of explosive moonshine that they brought, setting the surrounding swamp on fire. The protagonist then chases Hixon through the inferno and eventually corners him. He tries to bargain his way out, saying that the protagonist will be hunted down by the government if they kill him, but they proceed to do so nontheless, shooting Hixon dead.



Hixon is shown to be an extremely self-respecting person. Akin to individuals such as Agent Milton, he is harsh and ruthlessly determined to see those he considers his targets suffer for their crimes, to the point where he takes pleasure in ordering and witnessing a woman being burnt alive. He isn't above taking bribes to ignore moonshining, as seen when he allows Bartholomew Braithwaite to leave a sting in exchange for $100 while arresting Caton, Bartholomew's partner at the time. Overall, he is cold-blooded, always collected and acts in charge.


Reid appears as a middle-aged man with a heavy beard and swept-back hair. He appears in a formal blue suit, with a noticeable badge on the chest.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Online


  • Even after completing the mission "The Certainty of Death and Taxes", in which the player kills Hixon, Maggie will have dialogue referring to Hixon as still being alive when accepting Bootlegger Missions from her.
  • Hixon bears a few resemblances in appearance to Marko Dragic, with similar hairstyle and beard.