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Reinaldo Sigales

Reinaldo Sigales is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Reinaldo is a Rebelde. He fought for Abraham Reyes in order to "liberate" Nuevo Paraiso from oppression.


Reinaldo can be encountered during many of the missions in Nuevo Paraíso. After the mission "An Appointed Time", Reinaldo will act as a lawman and if Marston has a bounty, Reinaldo will pursue him. He can also be encountered at the Nosalida gang hideout, but he will be hostile.

Reinaldo also makes a small appearance during the mission "An Appointed Time" where he is one of the soldiers in the jail cells. Reinaldo is then seen whilst advancing to the mansion, and can later be seen hacking at the front doors of the mansion along with Chico Renovales. Later at the very end of the mission, he is seen talking with Chico and is then ordered by Abraham Reyes to follow him.


Gracias compadre.
Reinaldo Sigales after the player shoots the lock on his cell's door
Go meet Luisa at the detonator, we will handle the rest.
Reinaldo Sigales during "Father Abraham"




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