The Renegade army is a faction featured in Red Dead Revolver.


Escudo ejercito renegado


The Renegade Army was founded by the former Mexican General Javier Diego. The army is made from many fomer soldiers from many countries, including Daren, who became Diego's right-hand man.

A few years before the events of Revolver, Diego's men fought against a group of Americans. Diego's army defeated the American soldiers and captured two of them along with a prospector named Griffon, who tried to cross the river during the battle. Daren considered Griffon to be a spy and Diego ordered to execute him, but Griffon, in exchange for his life, revealed the location of his and Nate Harlow's gold mine.

Diego ordered Daren and some of his men to attack the Harlow residence. Daren killed Nate and his wife, but was shot in his arm by Nate's son, Red Harlow.

After taking control over the gold mine, Diego and Griffon became partners. The army also got assistance from the Black Elk Tribe.

Events of Red Dead Revolver

Years later, Red started to hunt down the army, tracked down the army's location and attacked them. Red was captured by Daren, and was thrown to a jail near the army's base. Red was soon released, along with Buffalo Soldier, by Red's cousin Shadow Wolf, who was killed later by Daren.

After killing Daren, Red chased Diego's train, full of soldiers, weapons and gold. Red stopped the train, killed Diego's soldiers, and finally finished off Diego with a shot to the head, before returning to Brimstone in order to find Griffon.

After Diego's death, the army possibly disbands, having lost its base, its leader and most of its members.




  • The fact that Eli, Sergio and Ennio were sent to guard the mines by Mr. Kelley implies that Renegade Army also consists of guns-for-hire provided by Griffon and his associates. Although it is also possible that Diego allows Griffon and Kelley to use his soldiers for their dirty work, thus making them take orders from both sides.
  • Sergio and Ennio are references to filmmaker Sergio Leone and composer Ennio Morricone. Sergio is known for creating the Spaghetti Western film genre with his film A Fistful of Dollars and Ennio is known for composing the music of the film and its 2 sequels, For A Few Dollars More and The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

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