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Excellent for hunting man and beast.
In-game description

The Repeater Rifle is a weapon featured in Red Dead Revolver.


This repeater has the highest rate of fire of all weapons in the game. In addition, its range of fire along with the loading time (better with the updated version of the weapon) offers an excellent balance and smooth handling that is difficult to achieve with other weapons.

As the Halcon rifle, the repeater rifle may be also based on different models of Winchester; either model 1873, 1876 or 1886, although this rifle is a little larger than the original models.

Special versions

Annie Stoakes has a unique version of the rifle called Faith, which can be used during "Range War".

A special version of this rifle known as the "Lightning Rifle" is fitted with a bayonet and used by Buffalo Soldier during his missions, "Stagecoach" and "Hell Pass".


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