Revolver Ammo is ammunition that is used by four of the revolvers available in Red Dead Redemption. Compared to other types of ammunition in the game, it is relatively easy to come by.


Revolver Ammo is commonly dropped by enemies, in bundles of 6, and can be obtained by looting them. In a duel won by killing or disarming the opponent, 6 rounds of Revolver Ammo will always be dropped.

It can also be found in chests and replenished at the player's safehouse or campsite.

As always, ammunition of all kinds can be found at any settlements' gunsmith. Each ammunition box bought contains 20 rounds of the intended weapon's ammunition. Be careful to buy boxes one by one until listed as "not available" because it is possible to over-spend and buy more ammunition than the capacity of the weapon. Should a gunsmith not be present, check the general store in places such as MacFarlane's Ranch.


  • An easy way to get free ammunition is to hold up a busy building such as the Armadillo saloon. Aiming at an NPC should cause some gunslingers to draw their sidearms. Either disarm them, to prevent obtaining a (high, if lawmen present) bounty, or kill them, then walk over the body and it should come up on screen the amount of ammunition looted (usually packs of 6 for revolvers). Looting is not required to pick up ammunition from NPCs that had their gun drawn at the time. If their weapon was holstered upon death, then looting may be required.
  • After disarming an enemy to steal their ammunition, be cautious walking over to collect it as some NPCs also carry a concealed primary weapon (Repeater, shotgun, etc.) which will be drawn a few seconds after disarmament.
  • When dangerously low on ammunition, it may be worth seeking completion of a Treasure Hunter Challenge rank which normally awards about 30-40 rounds of ammunition for main slot weapons upon completion. This is also useful for Undead Nightmare.

Compatible Weapons


The Cattleman Revolver

The following weapons use Revolver Ammo:

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