Reyes' Rebels is a faction featured in Red Dead Redemption. Initially based out of Agave Viejo in Nuevo Paraíso, they are led by Abraham Reyes whom the group also is named after.


Reyes' Rebels is a revolutionary group led and named after the Mexican Guerilla leader, Abraham Reyes. The vast majority of the rebels were previously farmers or another kind of civilian of Mexican heritage, although there are some exceptions. Most of the rebels wear Ponchos and bandoliers, with the women wearing black or white robes underneath their ponchos.

The rebels can be found at their base in the Perdido region of Nuevo Paraíso until Abraham Reyes and John Marston overthrow Colonel Allende, where Reyes' Rebels assume control and become the main law enforcement. In the immediate aftermath of the revolution, the Mexican Army formerly under Allende's command disband and are replaced by rebels, with the only exceptions being at Torquemada and El Matadero. Shortly thereafter Reyes and his rebels marched on the capital and assumed control of the entire country after a bloody siege which lasted for several weeks.

Known members


  • Reyes' Rebels are treated as gang members. When the player shoots one of them, Honor is not lost, but instead gained, like all other outlaws. Also, when killed, if the player is not wanted, nothing happens. When a fistfight occurs, rebels will come to help their fellow members, like all other gangs.
  • When Nosalida is completed and the player goes to Escalera or Chuparosa, any lawmen in the vicinity will shoot at any rebels they can find, starting a small shootout.
  • It's the only gang in the game to feature more than one female gang member.
  • If Marston commits a crime, he'll gain a bounty with the only difference being the rebels will come after him instead of the Mexican Lawmen and the group use Nosalida as a gang hideout, even after the revolution.
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