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Disguise yourself as one of Reyes' Rebels and you will be treated kindly by the law in Mexico.
In-game description.

The Reyes' Rebels Outfit is an outfit in Red Dead Redemption worn by Marston.


The Reyes' Rebels outfit consists of an intact poncho, a dark red headband, and very worn shoes. It appears to be worn over Marston's Cowboy outfit, even while playing as Jack Marston in the game's epilogue. It is one of the three outfits unlockable in Nuevo Paraíso, alongside the Mexican Poncho and the Bandito outfit.

This outfit disguises the player as one of Abraham Reyes' Rebels, who become Nuevo Paraíso's law enforcement organization following the mission "An Appointed Time", after which this outfit can be obtained. As such, the player will not be pursued by law enforcers, posses, and bounty hunters while in Mexico if they wear this outfit.

This outfit effectively works as a Mexican counterpart to the U.S. Marshal outfit.


Reyes' Rebels outfit can be acquired by completing the following requirements:

† = Note: Scrap is not available to be purchased until the player has completed the Abraham Reyes mission "An Appointed Time".

Alternatively, the player can enable the cheat code "Gang chic", which unlocks this outfit alongside the Walton's Gang, Bollard Twins, Bandito and Treasure Hunter outfits. However, enabling this cheat code will disallow the player to save.


An artwork depicting an undead Marston wearing the Reyes' Rebels outfit.

  • If the player uses a cheat to get this outfit before they enter Chuparosa for the first time, it will show John in his hat but he'll be wearing what appears to be the Mexican poncho in perfect condition, but a color glitch will appear, making John's hat band red instead of black.
  • While the Reyes' Rebels outfit is not available to be worn in Undead Nightmare, one of the DLC's trailers ended with an artwork of what appears to be an undead Marston in the outfit.



Obtaining the Reyes' Rebels Outfit contributes toward acquisition of the following Achievement/Trophy:

100 gamerscoregamerscore
Gold goldgold
Attain 100% List in the singleplayer game completion list.

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