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Rob a Homestead is a companion activity in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Mission Overview

At either the gang's camp at Horseshoe Overlook or Clemens Point, Javier asks Arthur to accompany him in the robbery of a homestead. This is the first homestead robbery mission the player can encounter.


After accepting the mission from Javier, the duo will make the trip to the homestead where along the way Javier will mention that the people they are about to rob have lived away from society for so long that they speak in their own formulated version of English. Upon arriving at the homestead, Arthur and Javier scout the property and notice the large barn which is where they assume the stash is. They go through the trees towards the homestead, it is here that Javier and Arthur get a first-hand encounter of the strange dialect spoken by the family. After overhearing the discussion Javier creates a distraction to lure out the inhabitants for an ambush. He sets some stables on fire, which brings the members out of the house. Arthur and Javier open fire on them. When the gunfight subsides, Javier requests Arthur's help in moving a wooden crate to reveal the location of the stash.




Red Dead Redemption 2 - Companion Activity 3 - Home Robbery (Javier)


  • At the end of the Companion activity, when Arthur and Javier move the crate, Arthur's coughing can be heard. This is the first telltale sign of tuberculosis (which Arthur contracted from Thomas Downes during "Money Lending and Other Sins III"), and it can occur as early as Chapter II.
    • This will still occur even if the player goes on this mission before "Money Lending and Other Sins III".
  • This Companion activity becomes available after the mission "The First Shall Be Last", which can be completed prior to "Money Lending and Other Sins III". However, even if Arthur has not confronted Thomas Downes yet, he will still cough at the end of this activity. This is likely an oversight by developers on when this activity should become available in the story's timeline.


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